The Benefits of Eating Slowly

Many people assume that the speed at which you eat carries no importance since the amount of nutrients in the food stays the same. And with how fast things move in modern times, it is not unusual to do it on the run. But that is actually a wrong approach, as it makes you lose on several important benefits. Here is why you would be better off eating slowly:


  • It helps with your digestion

Ingesting food quickly can cause various digestion problems, as your body will simply be overwhelmed by the work it has to do in a short time. Eating in a rush will also mean that the food is not properly chewed, making your system have to work even harder. It is the reason why you often feel very uncomfortable after greedily eating a meal that should not have caused any problems when eaten at a normal or slow speed.

By taking the time to chew your food properly, you reduce the risk of having the rest of the day ruined by digestive problems – quite a worthy trade in our book.

  • It aids in weight loss

It often takes a time after your stomach is full for your brain to realize that it is time to end your meal. Eating slowly prevents you from having more than you need, helping you get eliminate unnecessary calories from your meals.

  • It allows you to appreciate the taste better

Ingesting everything as quickly as possible will have you miss on numerous subtleties of great food. What you should do is take your time and explore its texture, allow each flavor to make its presence felt on your taste buds and savor the whole experience.

  • It helps you save money

You can actually gain a lot of satisfaction from smaller portions if you take the time to savor them. Think of it like this: if you rush to eat a slice of cake, it will be over in seconds and then you’ll want the pleasant experience to continue. Taking the time to enjoy each bite, however, will allow you feel the taste in-depth and for longer too. You will be less tempted to order another portion this way.

  • It helps you relax

Eating quickly can only add to the stress caused by a hectic life. It is important that you give your meals the attention and time needed – savor each dish, and you will see that the pleasant experience will have you find some relief from your daily worries.

Nutrients are better absorbed this way as well and, combined with the benefits of an improved digestion, it is easy to see why patience is rewarding when it comes to your meals.

As you can see, a simple measure like slow eating can bring massive benefits that you may not have considered before. It does not take long to adopt this healthy habit, and the advantages will leave you grateful that you did.

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