Bay Leaves – Beneficial for Your Beauty and Health

Although you can’t actually eat them on their one, bay leaves can be easily incorporated in different dishes to make them more flavored. You can even make essential oils from bay leaves, which have great medical and therapeutic benefits, but they are also used to make perfumes.

Bay leaves can be found dry or fresh and there are some stores that sell bay leaves powder. Studies have proven that bay leaves are rich in minerals, vitamins and plant based compounds that fight bacteria, relieve inflammation and have other beneficial actions.

bay leaves health and beauty benefits

Here are some health benefits of these leaves:

  • Relieve pain and body aches – bay essential oil is known to relieve pain. The healing of the muscles or the joints can be done faster by rubbing some essential oil on it. If you are suffering from migraines or headaches, apply some bay leaves on the temples to relieve the pain.
  • Ameliorate cold and flu symptoms – their antimicrobial properties make bay leaves one of the best natural remedy for cold and flu symptoms. Boil some bay leaves and apply the infusion on your chest or simply drink it if you want to ameliorate cough symptoms.
  • Promote a better digestive track – the digestive process can be stimulated with the help of bay leaves, while at the same time they help you assimilate all the nutrients needed. These leaves are also used to treat flatulence, heartburn and indigestion. At the same time, people who want to stimulate their appetite can spice up the dishes with bay leaves.
  • Prevent cancer development – the catechins in bay leaves and many other plant-based compounds have the power to prevent the apparition of different cancer types. At the same time, recent studies proved that the antioxidants in bay leaves can control the multiplication of cancer cells.
  • Keep away heart diseases – spicing up different dishes with bay leaves can help by preventing any heart diseases.

Beauty benefits

  • Keep skin looking young and beautiful – the plant-based compounds neutralize the free radicals that accelerate the development of wrinkles and lines. An anti-aging solution is to place your face over a pot of steaming bay leaves.
  • Prevent hair loss and help you get rid of dandruff – boiling bay leaves and cleaning your hair with the resulting solution, after it cooled down, can actually help with the dandruff problem. It can also prevent hair loss. Essential bay leaves oil can also be rubbed on balding spots.
  • Get rid of the odor-causing bacteria and help with relaxation – You can place some bay powder in a stocking, close the end and sink it in a bathtub with warm water. Let it sit for 5 minutes before you dip in. It will be the most relaxing bath you’ve ever had.
  • Whiten the teeth and the skin – if you want a whiter smile, rub bay leaves on your teeth. For whiter skin, boil some bay leaves in water and rinse your face with it. It also helps drying the pimples and acne.

As you can see, bay leaves have many health and beauty benefits, that not so many people knew about. Enjoy them!

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