Bananas Drastically Reduce the Risk of Colorectal and Breast Cancer

Over centuries, bananas have gained a great reputation as an excellent natural remedy, people using it for treating upset stomach, morning sickness, heartburn pain, constipation, and all kinds of digestive problems. Moreover, bananas are known for easing PMS symptoms and stimulating brain power, due to their wide array of nutrients, ranging from magnesium and calcium to proteins.

bananas for cancer

A clinic study conducted in South America shows that bananas have a remarkable role in keeping the colon in a good condition and protecting it against cancer.

The researchers from the National Institute of Oncology from Uruguay wanted to see if the vegetable and fruit intake can modify in any way the risk of colorectal cancer. For this, they conducted a study case which included 61 foods that are said to have benefits when it comes to cancer.

Bananas, apples, and lettuce prevent colorectal cancer

The study has examined in detail the eating habits of the participants, as well as their lifestyle. Factors such as total energy, body mass index, and total alcohol intake were also taken into consideration by researchers.

What were the results? The research has clearly proved that the consumption of bananas, lettuce, and apples reduces the risk of colorectal cancer. The most efficient food in protecting the colon against cancer, from all those 61, was the banana. In fact, banana can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by up to 72%. This percentage can convince even the most skeptical people of the benefits of this amazing fruit.

Moreover, a recent study conducted by Chinese researchers revealed that if you consume a banana per day, the risk of breast cancer is reduced by up to 43%.

But what’s the secret of bananas? In a nutshell, their high amount of lectins, a type of protein which has a powerful anti-carcinogenic effect. Numerous lab studies have already proven the attributes of lectins when it comes to cancer.

Other benefits of bananas

However, lectins are not helpful only in fighting cancer, but they also protect the body against other severe diseases. They act as a booster of the immune system, by stimulating the T cells, also known as T lymphocytes. This type of cells is cytotoxic, which means that they have the capacity of destroying the sick cells, as those affected by cancer, viruses, etc.

Another way in which bananas inhibit colorectal cancer is by increasing the levels of melatonin. Some medical studies show that the melatonin levels of colon cancer patients are significantly lowered compared to those of healthy persons. For this reason, many doctors consider that the level of melatonin is directly linked with cancer risk. Melatonin, also known as the sleep hormone, considerably increases after the consumption of bananas. A recent study proved that the level of melatonin is doubled two hours after eating only one banana.

This is great news also for those who have problems falling asleep, as this wonderful fruit can be the perfect solution for them. Melatonin is sending us to sleep each night, so if you feel like having insomnia symptoms, try eating a banana or two before you go to bed.

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