Banana Stem Fights Diabetes and Cancer and Reduces Inflammation

It is well known that bananas are good for us, as they are rich in potassium and other nutrients. What you did not know is that banana stems also contain significant health benefits. Banana stems, more precisely the leaves of the plant, are considered a vegetable in Thailand’s cuisine.

banana stem benefits

Banana stems have many health benefits. They can help in weight loss, urinary tract infections, constipation, kidney stones, diabetes and many more.

  • Weight loss

Banana stems are rich in fiber, and they will help you feel full for a longer period. This means that you will not have the urge to eat continuously and crave for unhealthy snacks or junk food.

  • Hyperacidity

You can also drink the juice made of banana stems as an antacid, to relieve heartburn and ulcer.

  • Constipation

The high fiber content helps you lose weight but also relieves discomfort and loosens blockage associated with constipation.

  • Urinary Tract Infection

Stop taking antibiotics the next time you have a urinary tract infection and instead, use banana stem, which is diuretic and helps you flush out toxins. Drink the juice made of banana stem twice or three times a day and you will see a relief in the discomfort and symptoms caused by UTI.

  • Kidney stones

Add banana stems in your daily diet and you will prevent gall and kidney stones.

  • Diabetes

The vitamin B6 and potassium in banana stems regulate the production of insulin and hemoglobin, reducing blood sugar spikes.

How to prepare the banana stems?

First of all, remove the exterior layer of the banana stem and wash it with cold water. Slice it widthwise and make sure you remove all soft fibers with your fingers. Soak the banana stems for half an hour in cold water and add some salt.  From this point, you can use the stems however you like: in salads, in stews or soups or you can even make juice out of it.


  • Banana Stem Juice with Lime

You need one cup of chopped banana stems, one cup of water, half a lime, half tablespoon of honey and a pinch of salt. Soak the stems in water for an hour and then blend the water with the stems. Use a mesh sieve to separate the fibers from the juice. Add the honey, lime juice and salt, stir and add ice cubes. Now, you have a healthy and refreshing drink to enjoy anytime you want.

  • Banana Stem Juice with Apples

You need one cup of chopped stems, one big apple, one cup of water and honey. Soak the stems for an hour, blend the water with the stems and separate the fiber just like in the previous recipe. Blend in the apple, add some honey and ice cubes and you’re done. You can also add mangos if you want to improve the taste.

There are many ways to use banana stems, so it is easy to add them into your diet. You will soon see that this ingredient works wonders on your body.

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  1. Very useful for blood sugar patient.If anybody use the juce of banana steams,he will be benefited.

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