Why Bacteria Aren’t Always Bad

Many of us have probably heard of the terms good and bad bacteria, being sometimes confused as to what they mean. A simple explanation is that good bacteria are what we don’t want to eliminate from our bodies. They are an essential part of the functioning of a healthy organism. They are what keeps the bad bacteria under control and they work naturally.

Benefits of Bacteria

Chances are that you’ve already heard of probiotic supplements – live bacteria that specifically aims to increase the amount of good bacteria in your body. These help regulate your organism to a healthy state, their impact being seen in several of its functions. Here are a few benefits that good bacteria have for you:

  1. Digestion

Good bacteria in your intestines ensures proper digestion, while keeping the harmful bacteria at a lower level. This is the reason why probiotics make a significant difference in this area: they keep a good balance of bacteria and that ensures a healthy body. Diets rich in fiber also help the good bacteria thrive. Yogurt and kefir are recommended for the same purpose.

  1. They keep your cholesterol at a low level

Bad bacteria, if not controlled, can interfere with your liver’s good functioning, preventing it from transforming cholesterol into bile salts that can be eliminated from the body. This means the cholesterol levels in the blood will start growing, possibly leading to heart disease. Good bacteria, on the other hand, help control the bad bacteria, ensuring that the liver performs its function.

  1. They help maintain a proper weight

As mentioned, good bacteria help ensure a proper digestion – this means that the body will assimilate nutrients more easily, reducing the necessary food intake.

  1. They help ensure good mental health

Good bacteria have been shown to help ensure a proper mood and reduce cases of extreme variations. It’s no surprise that a healthy body with a good balance of bacteria makes people less prone to mood swings.

  1. They help maintain hormones at normal levels

Lack of good bacteria may lead to estrogen being eliminated from the body due to liver malfunction. Proper levels of good bacteria, however, help prevent this and ensure that the hormone makes it back to the blood.

  1. They improve your immune system

The immune system is often the only thing that keeps our body from falling ill due to various factors. It is, therefore, without surprise that the bacteria balance plays a big role in your general health. Good bacteria prevents lots of harmful microorganisms from expanding, keeping your body’s defense mechanism in a good state.

  1. They help improve your oral health

The oral cavity is known to contain a lot of bacteria. It is therefore important to keep the good population high, in order to avoid infections, bad breath and various other common problems.

As you can see, proper bacteria balance is key to the proper functioning of all aspects of your body. Making sure you keep a diet that allows the beneficial bacteria to thrive may just be what you were missing – it’s a benefit that you will feel long into the future.

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