Astragalus and Its Great Health Benefits

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been using the herb Astragalus for thousands of years. It is viewed as one of the most precious herbal plant in Chinese Medicine and one of the most significant tonic herbs. Chinese people consider that the root of Astragalus, in particular, has great therapeutic value. They use it for different purposes, from strengthening the immune system to combating the effects of daily life stress upon the human body.

astragalus benefits

Even though it was used mostly by Asiatic people in the past, the Astragalus herb and its benefits are now embraced by the modern world and people all over the planet.

  • Strengthens the Immune System

Since ancient times, Astragalus is well known for the fact that it improves immunity. It is said that the herb actions upon our immune systems and stimulates it. How does it do that? By enhancing the production of immune cells. Despite the fact that this has not been scientifically proven yet, some of the anti-viral effects of the herb have been already confirmed by testing it on animals’ problems. There are also other on-going scientific studies that are about to confirm the beneficial effects on the human beings, too. Until we have the official results, we have at least to admit that the presence of compounds like amino acids, minerals, flavonoids, triterpene glycoside, polysaccharides definitely has an effect of our metabolism and can help our body to fight colds and flu.

  • Improves Energy Levels

No matter how you choose to consume it, Astragalus is known for its tonic proprieties. You can mix the root with some honey and eat it like that or consume it as a decoction. Either way, it will warm you up, and will energize you. It also has the capacity to stimulate the spleen, lungs, and it helps the whole respiratory system.

  • Controls the Level of Cholesterol and BP

Another benefit of consuming Astragalus is the fact that the herb improves the function of the cardiac system by helping the body to maintain a normal blood pressure. Moreover, the consumption of Astragalus leads to clean arteries, as the herb does not permit the fat to be deposited on them. This herbal plant is recognized as a fighter against fat, as it actually removes fat deposits in our body. If you consume the herb regularly, no matter in which manner (tea, decoction, blended with honey, etc.), you will help your body to keep the cholesterol under check. It is also supposed to help with other blood problems, such as anemia.

  • Fights Cancer

Many patients suffering from cancer have to struggle with chemotherapy and radiation, which have a disastrous effect on the body and its immune system. Given the fact that Astragalus consolidates the immune system, it actually helps the patients to recover from cancer faster. A lot of scientific studies have confirmed that by enhancing the number of white blood cells, the body will be empowered to fight the disease.  This is exactly what the herb Astragalus does. It increases the count of white blood cells, providing the necessary power for the immune system to fight the disease and to recover from chemotherapy.

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