Asthma Plant: 10 Medicinal Purposes

Some of the many names of Euphorbia Hirta are chara, pill pod sandman, garden splurge or the Asthma plant. Although it is an Indian weed, nowadays, it can be found in many areas due to the continuously warm weather.


This herb’s flowers don’t have petals, which can make it easy for a beginner to confuse it with other weeds that grow by the side of the road.

Every part of the Asthma plant can be used to treat different health conditions, from its abundant milky sap, to its oval leaves.

Usually used for teas, asthma plant can heal bronchitis, sore throats, conjunctivitis, urinary tract infections, increase the libido, raise the milk supply in breastfeeding mothers and of course, treat asthma.

Here are 10 benefits of Asthma plant:

  • Calms asthma attacks

It decreases the inflammation of airways in case of an asthma attack due to the anti-inflammatory property it has. A tea made of this plant’s leaves will minimize an asthma attack.

  • Reduces urinary infections

The anti-bacterial properties of this herb can lower the pain caused by UTI. Also, it is often used against viruses that cause venereal diseases.

  • Eliminates worms

The tea made of asthma plant leaves will determine your organism to eliminate parasitic worms that can be located in your intestines. This condition often affects small children or people who work closely with animals. The tea acts as an anthelmintic and helps the body get rid of the parasites.

  • Heals boils

The leaves are anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory, so they can be successfully applied on boils in order to heal them.

  • Disinfect lacerations

Great for soothing damaged tissues, the leaves can be used for cleaning boils and wounds. Boil a few leaves of this herb, let them cool and apply them on the affected area.

  • Diminishes sore throats

A tea made of asthma leaves will reduce inflammation and fight germs. It works great for sore throats, and it is easy to make.

  • Treats conjunctivitis

Either you choose to use it as a remedy for conjunctivitis under the form of tea or a decoction, this plant will help heal the affection and restore your eyes’ health.

  • Increases libido

It acts as a natural remedy against premature ejaculation, and it is known to restore libido. The leaves are beneficial even for sexual drive.

  • Treats dysentery

The anti-microbial properties can fight the infection that takes place in your organism. Diarrhea, an unpleasant condition, can be treated using this herb.

  • Raises the milk supply

In some cases, nursing mothers don’t produce enough milk for their babies, so if you choose to breastfeed and develop this problem, asthma plant can increase the milk supply. Keep in mind that it is not advised to drink asthma plant tea when you are pregnant; it can lead to miscarriages.

The therapeutic properties and medicinal purposes of Euphorbia Hirta are recognized by healers that have studied and tested the beneficial effects of this valuable herb.

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