Aluminum Foil – Can It Be Used As an Efficient Treatment?

Aluminum foil has its role in the kitchen, but can it be also used as a treatment? As weird as it may seem, people do use aluminum foil to heal certain conditions. Once used in this way only by a few people, mainly from the Asian culture, aluminum foil has gained the trust of more and more people around the world. Alternative medicine suggests that its effect on our health condition should be taken into consideration.

aluminum foil treatment

What does it heal?

If you search for results of aluminum foil treatments, you will find out that it can treat almost anything, from colds and flu to back pain, heel pain, neck pain, shoulders pain, arthritis or even scars. As long as almost every person has suffered from these common ailments that aluminum foil promises to heal, it is normal to want to find more about its abilities.

Anti-inflammatory effect

It seems that aluminum foil can fight against inflammations. This is said to be responsible for quicker healing from a cold or flu without medication, but also for relieving all sorts of pain.

Other ways of healing

Alternative medicine supporters from China and Russia claim that aluminum’s healing powers can be explained through bio-energy. A Russian scientist named Skvortsov says that aluminum foil is impenetrable by radiations, but it can store them in. So, when covered in aluminum, a patient will be healed easier because he will no longer be exposed to inharmonious radiation and his own inharmonious radiation will be locked in the aluminum.

How to use it

Even if you agree or not with the bio-energetic theory, why wouldn’t you give aluminum foil a try? In fact, you have nothing to lose. You can still take advantage of its proprieties.

If you suffer from muscle pain or joint pain, here is what you have to do: take an aluminum foil and put it on the affected area. You should make sure that the foil will stay on the spot, so you can use a bandage or even a scotch tape to fasten it. Let it action an entire day or the whole night, and then remove it. Chinese therapists suggest repeating the process for 10 to 12 days in a row. If you still feel some pain, it is recommended to take a break and, after one or two weeks, you can repeat the therapy.

If you just caught a cold, you may think of trying something a little different this time. Aluminum foil is also used to cure flu and strong colds. In these cases, your feet have to be wrapped with aluminum foil. The necessary number of layers is from five to seven. It is also important to put some cotton or a paper between the aluminum layers. After one hour, remove all of them. After another two hours, repeat the therapy and leave your feet wrapped for one more hour. You have to repeat the whole process once again, and you finished the therapy for a day. You can continue the treatment for only two or three days, until you feel better, but it is recommended to continue it until you have an entire week of therapy.

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