The Advantages of Consuming Green Coffee Beans

Before being roasted, brown coffee beans are green. The difference is that green coffee beans aren’t anything like the coffee that we know. Many people say that green coffee beans don’t taste good. Still, they come with numerous health benefits. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to consume the extract of these beans.


  • They can lower the risk of cancer

Green coffee beans are packed with antioxidants, and the most powerful one is chlorogenic acid. Antioxidants have the ability to fight against free radicals that can harm the cells that cause cancer. So, if you want to minimize the risk of having cancer, you should add green coffee beans to your groceries list.

  • They help you lose weight

Due to their richness in chlorogenic acid, green coffee beans can help you lose the unwanted weight. Some overweight persons have participated in a study and they had to consume these beans for 22 weeks. After these weeks have passed, they’ve lost 18 pounds. For this reason, people who have tried everything (exercising regularly and eating healthy) to lose weight, have begun consuming green coffee beans.

  • They can prevent diabetes

Chlorogenic acid antioxidant is found only in coffee and in coffee beans. Besides lowering the risk of cancer and helping you lose weight, this antioxidant can prevent the development of diabetes because it can control the sugar levels in the blood. Moreover, if you are pre-diabetic or you suffer from diabetes, you can consume the extract from these beans because it can help you maintain the blood sugar levels at a typical level.

  • They boost your brain function

Green coffee beans are essential for the production of BDNF, brain-derived neurotrophic factor. These neurotrophic factors are necessary for our behavior, memory and learning. Additionally, a person who has a decreased BDNF can suffer from depression, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or dementia.

  • They can detoxify your organism

Toxins are part of our body, but generally they are removed naturally. But if you want to improve the process of removing those substances, you should consume green coffee beans. The extract contains glutathione transferase which can accelerate the process of removing the toxins.

  • They lower your blood pressure

A study made in 2005 made on men with hypertension has shown that they had lower blood pressure after they’ve consumed green coffee beans for 4 weeks. It’s widely known that coffee can control your blood pressure, but green coffee beans that aren’t roasted have some special properties that can lower your blood pressure. If you have a normal blood pressure, you won’t suffer a stroke, heart attack or a heart disease.

  • They reduce the signs of aging

Many people use green coffee beans in order to reduce the early signs of aging. Because they contain age-defying antioxidants, green coffee beans have the power to eliminate the molecules that cause the signs of aging.

For sure, green coffee beans have miraculous power because they can prevent cancer, diabetes, they can help you lose weight, and they make your face look younger.

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