Acne Reveals Important Facts about Your Health

The Chinese traditional medicine says that the face is the window to the most hidden parts of the body, and that whatever is going on on our faces tells a lot about what is going on in the interiors of our bodies.

Take acne, for instance. It appears on certain regions of the face and this indicates the fact that there might be some issues related to some toxins that have not been properly eliminated by our bodies.


What is your acne trying to tell you?

  • If it is located on the upper forehead – This part is directly linked to the digestive system (the large intestine and the bladder). If the acne appears here, it means that the person might have a poor digestive function. To help solve this problem and to also clear the skin, one should consume foods that are rich in antioxidants such as berries, green tea and lemon water.
  • Acne on the lower forehead – This area is connected to the spirit and the psyche. A poor blood circulation along with states of depression, stress or anxiety might cause acne to appear in the area above the eyebrows. To avoid this from happening, try to get enough sleep and take the steps that are needed to manage stress. Make sure you make time for yourself to relax and get rid of the negative energies.
  • Acne on the eyebrows – Precisely, the area between the eyebrows and around them is correlated with the function of the liver. The appearance of acne might suggest that the diet puts too much stress on the liver. It might be too rich in fats or the alcohol consumption might also play a part in this. Therefore, you should follow a diet poor in fats and you should reduce the amount of alcohol.
  • Acne on the cheeks – Usually, this area is linked to the lungs. So, if you smoke, suffer from respiratory allergies or bronchitis, you should make some extra efforts to protect your lungs. Avoid smoking and get rid of the allergens around you.
  • Acne on the nose – This may suggest that there are some heart related problems. Protect your heart by eating healthy foods that reduce the blood pressure or the cholesterol and try to disconnect from the everyday stress.
  • Acne on the chin and mouth – It may reveal some upper digestive system issues. Too much processed food might cause acne to appear around the mouth. Try to eat some fresher products, instead. The acne that appears on the chin might suggest some issues related to the urinary tract, the kidneys or the reproductive organs. The menstrual cycle might cause some imbalances and some acne breakouts.
  • Acne on the ears – This reveals the fact that there might be some problems with the kidney function. When the level of their functioning is below the normal pace, these acne breakouts take place. Reduce the amount of sodium you take in and also make sure you get enough water. This way, you will ease the function of the kidneys and you will also avoid those annoying pimples.

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