9 Health Benefits of Wine That You Should Know

The American Heart Association has some good news for us. Studies have shown that drinking wine in moderation is good for us. This means that 1 – 2 glasses of wine a day can offer protection against various cancers. They can also have multiple benefits for the cardiovascular health, promote a longer lifespan and protect your mental health.

health benefits of wine

That’s no new to modern humanity. Let’s face it! Unless you have lived under a rock, you must have heard about the numerous properties of red wine. Even Hippocrates said that wine has many medicinal qualities and Catholic monks used the beverage for medical treatments.

The truth is that we do not know all the benefits that wine has upon our bodies. So let’s see the top 9 health benefits of moderate wine consumption.

  • Slows Brain Decline

If you want your brain to live longer, drink wine! Studies have shown that the brains of non-drinkers decline much faster compared to those of people who drink wine moderately.

  • Lowers the Risk of Developing Colon Cancer

One or two glasses of wine a day reduces the risk of colon cancer by a whopping 45 percent. The study that reached this conclusion has been done on 2,000 participants and lasted four years.

  • No More Cataracts

So it’s not only the fact that your brain will live longer, but your eyes will also be healthier for a longer period. Beer drinkers have 43% more chances to develop cataract compared to moderate wine consumers.

  • Longevity

Now, you mustn’t think that drinking wine will make you live until you are 200 years old. Still, compared to beer or spirits drinkers, those who consume wine have a decreased mortality rate by 34 percent. Resveratrol is responsible for  promoting health and longevity, by increasing the activity of sirtuins, the genes that protect the body from aging-related diseases.

  • Less Chances to Develop Type 2 Diabetes

Nondrinkers have 30 percent more chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

  • Lowers the risk of developing a heart disease

Red wine contains procyanidins, which offer protection against various heart diseases. If you want to find wine with more  procyanidins than other varieties, you should visit Sardinia or Southwest France.

  • Reduced Risk of Heart-Attack

Although suffering from high blood pressure, wine consumers still have a 30 percent lower rate of having a heart attack, compared to nondrinkers.

  • Reduced Risk of Stroke

We’re talking here about blood clot-related stroke. Those who drink wine in moderate amounts are 50% less prone of having a stroke throughout their lifespan.

  • No more depression

We all flinch when we hear this word. Depression is not something to joke about. Well, studies have showed that wine will help you get rid of the blues and just relax.

Taking all these into consideration, how about enjoying a nice glass of wine with your friends, family, lover or why not alone listening to some Jazz? Life is crazy enough, so just take a few moments and enjoy the benefits of wine to live a longer and happy life. The numbers don’t lie.

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  1. heck I would stay away from any kind of wine, in the first place it is higly contaminated with what they spray not on the soil, but in the air and then most are genetically modified crap!

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