8 Beneficial Aspects Linked to Cucumber Seed Essential Oil

Cucumbers are rich in vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin B and molybdenum and contain high quantities of pantothenic acid. These vegetables can offer your organism a boost by providing it with nutritious substances like magnesium, potassium, manganese and phosphorous.


Cucumber essential oil is obtained by processing the seeds, but every part of this vegetable, the peel, the flesh and the seeds have internal and external uses.

Here are a few benefits of cucumber oil:

  • It acts as a moisturizer

In order to have a  healthy skin, it’s necessary to hydrate it. Mixed with olive oil, cucumber seed essential oil will rejuvenate your complexion and fight off dryness.

  • It reduces hypertension

High blood pressure can lead to heart disorders and circulatory system problems. Cucumber seed essential oil will provide the organism with magnesium and potassium which can keep hypertension under control.

Also, due to its diuretic properties, this essential oil will determine the organism to eliminate excess water and thus regulate the blood pressure.

  • It alleviates stomach pain

Cucumber essential oil will soothe the pain produced by ulcers and reduce the discomfort. Gastritis or ulcers are a condition of the digestive system and manifest themselves through pain located in the stomach due to ulcerations. A cup of cucumber juice enhanced with five drops of cucumber seed essential oil will diminish the discomfort.

  • It lowers the sebum production

For people who have an oily complexion, cucumber seed essential oil can help reduce the sebum and restore a healthy, clear skin.

Mix a few drops of witch hazel lotion with a couple of drops of cucumber oil and apply the mix onto your skin using a cotton ball. The combination will cleanse the excess sebum and prevent it from forming again.

  • It reduces joint pain

Applied externally in combination with almond oil or coconut oil, cucumber seed oil will alleviate joint pains provoked by diseases like arthritis. Also, you can choose to add a few drops of cucumber oil to a cup of water and drink the mix for a similar effect.

  • It heals acne

The vitamin C contained by the cucumbers will help reduce the scars left by acne and also reduce the redness and swelling. Having anti-inflammatory properties, cucumber seed essential oil will help heal acne and prevent breakouts.

Combine a few drops of cucumber oil with a light carrier oil and apply it onto your skin.

  • It boost the energy levels

Rich in vitamins and minerals, cucumbers can increase a person’s energy level and reinvigorate their organism. Also, the antioxidants will aid the circulatory system, and thus provide oxygen to your muscles.

  • It has diuretic properties

Cucumbers have the ability to determine the body to produce urine, which helps it eliminate toxins. This way, kidneys can filter the waste faster and thus, the blood gets purified. Also, cucumber seed essential oil will destroy microbes from the excretory system and prevent you from developing a urinary tract infection.

This essential oil is beneficial for various conditions that can affect our health and represents a natural and easy remedy against them.

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