7 Ways to Enhance your Beauty with Lily Essential Oil

Lily is grown all over the world and the essential oils extracted from it are known to have a variety of health benefits. Because of the delicate nature of this plant, Lily oil cannot be distilled like other essential oils.


The traditional method of extraction was enfleurage and was used up to the 20th century, but solvent extraction with hexane replaced the initial process. By using odorless fats, it extracts the beneficial oils found in lilies.

The oils obtained from eye-catching blooms are an important ingredient in the preparation of creams, lotions, and cosmetics, but the prices can be quite high due to the complicated extraction process.

The natural remedies involving lilies can reduce inflammation and relieve itching, besides repairing skin cracks or stains.

Also used in aromatherapy treatments, lily oil helps with depression and creates a sense of happiness and security. Added in bath water and combined with other oils like calendula essential oil, it reduces the stress and is beneficial to sensitive skin.

Here you’ll find seven uses of lily essential oil which work wonders on your beauty!

  • It opens up the eye area

Mixed with calendula essential oil, lily essential oil is a natural and powerful treatment for the area around your eyes. By applying it under the eyes, it will diminish dark circles and reduce crow’s feet.

  • It’s a great moisturizer

By adding one or two drops of lily essential oil in your face or hand cream, the sensation of dry skin will be alleviated. Symptoms like itchiness, tightness or flaking will disappear, leaving you with a well-moisturized complexion. Another plus is that it softens the skin.

  • It’s good for dry cuticles

Especially after a bath, apply a small quantity of lily essential oil on your cuticles, using a cue tip. This will help with the dryness.

  • It helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

The combo of calendula essential oil and lily essential oil can be used for eliminating the lines between the eyebrows, the ridges on the forehead or laugh lines.

  • It improves the aspect of spider veins

Varicose veins, also known as spider veins, are produced by the pressure put on the blood vessels. It is said that lily essential oil can correct this condition that affects the legs, by reducing the spider veins.

  • It nourishes the hair

Only a few drops of lily essential oil in your shampoo or conditioner can improve the looks of your hair by softening it. Mixing it with other oils like coconut oil, extra virgin oil or almond oil, will help disentangle your tresses.

  • It ameliorates dry elbows

For the best outcome, use lily essential oil after taking a bath, when the skin is already softened and has the ability to absorb the most of this natural remedy. Apply a few drops on your elbows by using a makeup pad.

Lily essential oil is a powerful natural remedy that can have many purposes, but it is recommended for children, pregnant women or nursing mothers to consult a healthcare practitioner before using it.

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