6 Diet and Lifestyle Pieces of Advice for People with Low Blood Pressure

Having low blood pressure is not always good. For some people, it is something that prevents them from leading normal lives, and can even prove to be fatal.


In the scientific field, it’s called hypotension. Having low blood pressure is not a bad thing in itself – some people are born naturally with low blood pressures. Some of them obtain it after years of leading a certain lifestyle, such as athletes, whose hearts have become extremely efficient at pumping blood. In regards to women, their blood pressure might lower during pregnancy. Low blood pressure becomes a problem only when various symptoms are associated with it.

The symptoms related to hypotension range from fainting, dizziness to having clammy and pale skin and the general lightheadedness. Some people might have problems breathing or concentrating, they deal with extreme thirst, and experience depressive episodes.

Keep in mind that if no symptoms occur, there is no reason to worry about it or seek medical advice. If it’s still nagging you even after the doctor gave you a pass, here are some dietary and lifestyle changes that you can apply in order to normalize your blood pressure.

  • Complement your daily diet with potassium

This mineral plays a vital role in keeping the blood pressure at a reasonable level. Foods that have loads of potassium are bananas, chia seeds, citrus fruit such as oranges and legumes of all types.

  • Drink lots of tea, especially black or green tea

If you’re not a coffee person or too much of it is making you feel lightheaded or gives you palpitations, replace it with tea. Not herbal teas, though, because they don’t contain any caffeine.

  • Be more physically active

Most people will include this entry in the ‘’duh’’ department of recommendations. You don’t have to hit the gym every single day of the week. Just taking a walk, cleaning the house, walking the dog or going for a light jog is enough to keep the blood pressure in check. Physical activity enhances blood circulation, causing a slight increase in blood pressure.

  • Make sure to consume a reasonable amount of fluids

Dehydration can have a negative effect on your blood pressure, leading to hypotension. Therefore, it is advisable to drink lots of water.

  • Drink as little alcohol as possible

This is a more straightforward advice, as alcohol dehydrates you and will surely drop your blood pressure below normal levels. Even in small or moderate amounts, it still has the same effect, so don’t think you cam skim the system by drinking a small glass of wine.

  • Low-carb meals

Low carb foods can do wonders for your blood pressure. Some people experience a dramatic drop in blood pressure after eating carbohydrate-rich foods, so consider opting for low carb foods to regulate your blood pressure.

As stated before, having a low blood pressure is not always a bad thing, but as a preventive measure, it’s wise to try and keep it at a normal level. Hopefully, these small tips will prove useful to you.

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