5 Unknown Remedies that Can Kill Viruses

The downside when it comes to viruses is that they are everywhere and they are very varied. The Ebola virus, the flu virus, the aviary virus and so on. The viruses are so numerous and their manifestations are also different, some more severe than others. With their actions being so overwhelming, it’s no wonder that people are scared.

remedies that kill viruses

How can a person prevent getting any virus? Strengthening the immunity would be one way to do it. Vitamins are great when it comes to this, but are there some natural ways to do it? We made a list of 5 remedies that are not so well-known among people. They will kill any virus, making the affected person feel better in almost no time.

  • Kimchi – This product is obtained by fermenting 3 vegetables: garlic, chillis, and cabbage. Its antiviral properties will improve one’s health and boost the immune system as well. Kimchi is, actually, the national dish of Korea and it is to be found in more variations. It is also loaded with probiotics. These compounds will enable the body to fight viruses, especially the flu virus, by stabilizing the immune system and enhancing it even more in its battle with harmful agents. Also, it is recommended that when eating kimchi to choose the unpasteurized versions. The pasteurized kimchi is processed and it will eventually lose all of its beneficial weapons to fight off bacteria and viruses, decreasing its efficiency.
  • Arabinogalactan – This is a compound that is to be found in larch trees. It is, basically, a fiber that improves the immune system. However, the studies research that have been made so far to prove its efficiency allowed this compound to be released in the consumer markets from all over the world.
  • Kefir – Everyone who went to Greece at least once must have tried this beverage. It is a dairy product obtained by fermentation and has a positive impact on the health, in general, by significantly improving the immune system’s ability to fight off any viruses and harmful bacteria.
  • Chinese skullcap – Again, a Chinese remedy which has been used in the traditional Chinese medicine for over 200o years. It is extremely effective when it comes to treating viruses and its usage for so many years will only reinforce this statement.
  • Cordyceps – Originating from China, Cordyceps is a mushroom loaded with immune-boosting properties and which has the ability to reduce the blood pressure and the levels of cholesterol. Those suffering from cardiovascular conditions can safely use it, along with the people who are also infected with the hepatitis virus.

It could be hard to choose a less-known remedy when dealing with a virus, instead of going for an already established product. However, it is always a good idea to have an open mind, even in harder times. Give these remedies a try and you will never go back to anything else that is on the market! We guarantee!

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