4 Signs that Might Indicate a Heart Condition

Heart problems usually appear due to a high blood pressure or high cholesterol level. Bad cholesterol can accumulate and deposit itself all along the arteries and blood vessels. This leads to a poor circulation. Moreover, the blood can’t provide all the essential nutrients to organs, tissues, and cells.

Although a heart condition can appear at any age and without warning, make it a habit of checking if you have any of the signs below. If you’ve encountered any of the below, it would be best to investigate further by visiting your doctor.

  • Chest pains should be taken into consideration

A clear sign of cardiovascular problems is represented by the sudden and short chest pains. This can be the telltale of a heart condition that starts by experiencing blood flow issues. Not every heart attack is like in the movies, with tremendous pain and accompanied by a nasty fall. Some heart attacks manifest by an increasing tightness around the chest area. Usually, it’s hard to make the difference between pulling an intercostal muscle or the beginning of a heart condition. It’s best to be safe and call a doctor if you encounter these type of chest pains regularly.

  • Shortness of breath is not normal

If it’s due to running a marathon, some shortness of breath is in order. But if you started to have difficulties breathing just by walking around the house, this can be a symptom of a heart disease. Always compare the symptoms you’re experiencing to the activities you’ve performed. If you see significant discrepancies, then it’s a good idea to get professional medical advice.

Some people have low resistance levels, so it might be normal for them to tire easily after playing with their dog, while others could breathe evenly in a trip up the mountains.

Having difficulties breathing when you’re lying down can be a symptom of various issues at the valve levels.

  • Palpitations or flu symptoms can indicate something else

A heightened pulse that manifests itself without doing heavy chores or lifting is not a good sign. Getting up from a chair and feeling lightheaded can indicate some cardiovascular problems. Together, palpitations and a woozy feeling can mean a blockage that’s happening inside the body or a valve disease.

Other symptoms that may resemble a common cold can be nausea or clammy sweat.

Pay attention to your organism and find out if the symptoms you experience have a valid reason, or if they’re the result of more serious health problems.

  • Stomach pains should not be treated lightly

Not all heart attacks begin the same way. The body can send mixed signals to express a cardiovascular condition. Studies show that women sometimes have severe stomach pains, a few days prior to a heart attack. Also, a common indigestion can be an indirect manifestation of heart problems. To determine the difference between just indigestion, or a heart symptom, think if you’ve eaten something that could affect your digestive system. If nothing comes to mind, consult a specialist.

Make sure you have regular check-ups and always tell your doctor any changes your body suffers. It’s best to take into consideration the little things that can also be the first signs of a more serious problem.

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