10 Reasons Why Bathing is a Healthy Habit

Enjoying a soothing bath is utterly relaxing and calming – but are you aware that, besides being a great way of relieving stress, it also presents a wide range of benefits for your health?

health benefits of bathing

  • It fights depression

Having a cold bath can be a great natural remedy against depression. The way in which your body reacts in contact with cold water aims at activating your nervous system. It also stimulates your blood circulation, while triggering the sending out of electrical impulses, thus functioning similarly to an anti-depressive.

  • It enhances your respiratory system

Having a cold water shower or bath will instantly determine you to take deep breaths, thus aiming at truly oxygenating your lungs and, at the same time, improving your respiratory system.

  • It relieves stress

If you are dealing with stress or anxiety, the perfect way to relief the negative tension from your body is by taking a relaxing bath. According to a study, the level of cortisol – the stress hormone is significantly reduced after a soothing bath.

  • It stimulates your blood circulation

If you are suffering from poor blood circulation or varicose veins, you may consider alternating cold and hot water baths – the contrasting temperatures will aim at stimulating your blood circulation. Try the following thing: bathe your feet in hot water for a couple of minutes and then change to bathing your feet in cold water. Repeat doing this for 15 minutes in order to trigger the proper functioning of your blood circulation.

  • It eliminates the toxins from your body

Unpleasant perspiration equals harmful, detrimental toxins – in order to get rid of all the bacteria, a bath is always welcome to mend that effectively.

  • It fights insomnia

If you often experience the annoyance of insomnia, then you might consider taking a bath before going to sleep. It will significantly enhance the quality of your sleep, as it aims at reliving stress and negative emotions which may prevent you from having a peaceful goodnight sleep.

  • It bolsters your immunity

A cold shower, or bath, whichever you prefer best, determines your vascular system to grow the number of immune cells which aim at tracking down infections and fighting them effectively.

  • It reduces muscular pain

If you are suffering from muscular pain and soreness, a hot, smooth bath is the perfect remedy for mending that. It will truly relax your muscles, making your pain slightly go away.

  • It diminishes sugar levels

According to a study in the New English Journal of Medicine developed on persons suffering from diabetes, having a hot bat had a beneficial impact on their health, diminishing the level of sugar in their blood.

  • It hydrates your skin

Whether you are opting for a cold or hot bath – each will aim at thoroughly cleansing your skin and eliminating the detrimental toxins from your pores. If you consider adding some bath salts or essential, organic oils, such as coconut oil, which is rich in vitamin E, to your usual bath, it will hydrate your skin profoundly, while at the same time decreasing the aging process.

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