10 Cancer Triggers We Use Every Day

No one likes to talk about it, but it is the cruel reality of the world we live in. This is the cruel killer that lurks through our bodies and which we unknowingly let in with some of the most common things we use on a daily basis. Wondering what are the 10 accomplices that are contributing to the deterioration of our health throughout each day of our lives? Keep on reading the article and you will find out!


  • Hormone meat and milk – These days, animals get more and more hormones in their systems to be able to grow faster and produce more milk, in the case of cows. These hormones, however, trigger inflammation in our bodies, which leads to the development of cancer and more health issues.
  • Airport scanners, mammography and dental x-rays – The experts say that they have the power to trigger the development of cancer in your body, which can explain why you are asked to wear protective switches every time you have a dental x-ray or a mammography.
  • Deodorants and antiperspirants – They contain high amounts of aluminum along with other ingredients dangerous to your health. Choose to use an organic deodorant, instead, and you can avoid breast cancer, the main condition triggered by commercial antiperspirants.
  • Toxic cosmetics – Moisturizing creams we use every day contain high amounts of petroleum and tar and, although they are supposed to be skin-friendly, we are not so sure about that. The toxins affect the structure of your skin, leaving a lot of room for cancer development.
  • GMO soy and corn – They are loaded with hemoglutinin, a substance that will make your red blood cells clot. Estrogen is yet another concern, so choose to use organic soy milk.
  • Artificial sweeteners – Refined sugar is the worst thing you could eat. It increases the levels of insulin and it has the power to trigger the development of cancer.
  • Fluoridated water – Generally, flouride will affect the quality of the water and take out all the essential minerals from the body. It weakens the immune system, so use spring water instead.
  • Medication and vaccines – Find the right doctor for you and not someone who will try to give you medicines just to make profit! He is the one who should encourage you to take on a healthy lifestyle!
  • Canned food – Apart from refined sugar, this type of food can also contain bysphenol-A or BPA. In the labs, the studies have shown that this substance affects the cells of the brain in rats. It can be found in plastic bags, thermal-paper, water lines or some dental composites.
  • Soap, shampoo, cream and toothpaste – All the products you are using to look good will affect your interior. The substances present in the cosmetics will affect your bloodstream and trigger some really severe conditions. Use organic or homemade products anytime you get the chance.

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