Menopause Supplements – Night Sweats Natural Cures

Up to 75 percent of menopausal women are troubled by night sweats. Are you woken up by extreme heat in the evenings? Is it making your menopause transition worse because it disturbs your sleep patterns?

Menopause Supplements – Night Sweats Natural Cures

Menopause Supplements – Night Sweats Natural Cures

Surprisingly, up to 75 percent of menopausal women are troubled by night sweats.Night sweats can take you by surprise. While sound asleep, suddenly you are woken up by intense heat, irregular heartbeat, headaches and even chills.

Unfortunately, night sweats are a very common menopausal symptom. If you have hot flashes during the daytime too, then you know that they are very similar.

Night Sweats The Root Cause

As the name indicates, night sweats happen in the evenings. They are normally much more intense than hot flashes.

I am sure it makes you feel miserable and you might think you are having some sort of sleep disorder. In fact, night sweats are a perspiration disorder that happens during sleep.

The root of this disorder is simply lack of ovarian production of estrogen. The drop in estrogen level affects the hypothalamus in human brains. Hypothalamus is a regulator of body temperature. Hot flashes and night sweats occur when the hypothalamus prompts physiological reactions.

Night sweats can cause or worsen other menopause symptoms such as poor sleep patterns, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Night sweats are normally accompanied with the following symptoms:

  • ¦Loss of libido
  • ¦Vaginal dryness
  • ¦Mood swings
  • ¦Fatigue
  • ¦Weight gain
  • ¦Irritability
  • ¦Joint pain
  • ¦Dry and itchy skin

Do You Know…?

There are two interesting findings from studies related to menopause and night sweats.

One study shows that younger women are more likely to experience night sweats than old women. Only 10% of women older than 64 are found to have night sweats.

Another study discovers that 3 out of 4 white women have night sweats, which is a very high ratio compared to Asian women, who have reported few night sweats. Did you also know that African-American women have more chances of suffering night sweats than white or Hispanic women?

Simple Changes To Reduce Night Sweats

I don’t know a thing about you. But I know you are desperate for help to reduce the frequency and severity of your night sweats.

Try some simple changes; you may be surprised how effective they are:

  • ¦Avoid triggers of night sweats, including hot drinks, alcohol, caffeine and spicy/hot food.
  • ¦Exercise regularly. Exercise is the most beneficial way to alleviate menopausal symptoms and lift up your moods.
  • ¦Look for help in natural remedies. The easiest and most convenient treatment to follow is menopause supplements. Night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings and other health concerns can be tackled at the root cause. Natural menopause supplements work by restoring hormone balance.

In case of natural menopause supplements, night sweats can be greatly reduced or even eliminated. But you should choose one that can restore hormonal imbalance in the long term and alleviate menopause-related symptoms.

Female Rejuvenator is a menopause supplement that works for MOST women. It has already helped many women with their night sweats and other symptoms.

It uses clinically proven ingredients such as Red clover, Damiana, Dong quai. These herbs have been used for hundreds of years to treat night sweats and menopausal symptoms.

Most women suffering severe night sweats and other symptoms have given positive feedback after taking Female Rejuvenator.

If night sweats disturb your sleeping patterns, try making changes to your life style and taking an effective supplement for menopause, you may be surprised at the improvements of your overall menopause experience.

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