Tea Coming in Plastic Bags – Might Be Toxic

Drinking tea is a healthy and tasteful habit, but even this healthy custom is not that safe after all, when the tea we find in commerce comes in plastic bags. Lately, self-awareness concerning this issue has risen significantly, determining an increased concern when it comes to plastic tea bags, as this compound is detrimentally acknowledged for its many side effects it can have on our health.

plastic tea bags dangers

Plastic Tea Bags – Potentially Dangerous

Tea bags are made of a variety of plastics: nylon, viscose rayon, thermoplastic, polypropylene or PVC. Additionally to that, another potential health concern could be the paper of the tea bags, as it is treated with epichorohydrin, which is highly used as a pesticide. Now tea doesn’t sound safe at all, does it?

This pesticide can also be found in coffee filters, water filters and in refined vegetable oils. So, you might consider replacing such oils with organic ones, like the coconut oil which presents a range of health benefits. Back to epichorohydrin; the main problem is that when it encounters water it decomposes in 3-MCPD, which was concluded to determine cancer disease in animals, while at the same time being utterly harmful for the immune system.

The Bottom Line to Plastic Tea Bags – Are They Harmful or Not?

Believe it or not, there is no reliable information at the moment with regard to this issue. US federal agencies have not considered the potential health hazard this aspect may present on our health. However, it is stated that the pesticides have high melting points, therefore they do not embody potential health hazard. On the other hand, water does boil at 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 Celsius). Polyethylene terephthalate, another plastic compound, is decomposed at 169 degrees.

Consequently, it is assumed that the high melting points to the plastic compounds are supposed to be safe. Nonetheless, there is still the outcome of released plastic molecules which may become toxic in contact with boiled water.    

How to Benefit from The Beneficial Properties Tea Embodies?

As we concluded that there are no safe indications when it comes to the detrimental effects plastic tea bags may incorporate, it is best to be cautious and take the necessary safety measures for your health. Therefore, in order to protect your family and yourself included, an idea would be to purchase your tea supplies from organic tea manufacturers. Or, even better, you can pick loose tea leaves; even though it takes more time to prepare it, it is worth it, in order to benefit from the antioxidant and antiseptic properties tea embodies. An example of such beverages is Tulsi tea leaves, highly acknowledged for fighting free radicals.

Tea – Healthy and Tasty Beverage

Tea is such a healthy beverage, tasty and refreshing also! If you choose the right tea – plastic bag free – it embodies a wide range of positive properties, including:

  • It enhances digestion significantly;
  • It reduces blood pressure;
  • It reduces the cholesterol and triglyceride levels;
  • It improves mental health;
  • It functions as a stress reliever;
  • It stimulates your immune system;
  • It hinders bacteria and viruses from spreading;

So, make sure you do take advantage of tea’s beneficial effects, and do consider replacing regular tea plastic bags with the organic tea leaves, in order to benefit from tea’s beneficial properties on your health.

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