A Tea Blend that Will Improve Your Memory and Concentration

Whether you are a student or a teacher, if you are in the middle of an important project or you just finished one and you feel exhausted, or if you simply want to relieve some of the stress accumulated over the week, you definitely can benefit from the therapeutic effects of a tea blend that will improve your memory and concentration. Why? Because for everything we do we need a good memory and a strong capacity of concentration. Energy is not enough. Intelligence is not enough. Motivation is not enough. So, whether you are experiencing some symptoms of memory loss or lack of concentration, or you just want to make sure you never get there, you can start drinking at least occasionally a few cups of the following tea blend.

The blend

  • Ginkgo biloba (The benefits of ginkgo biloba are due mostly to the modification of noradrenaline, dopamine and serotonine levels in the prefrontal cortex, hippocampus, hypothalamus and striatum, all of which play an important role in spatial learning, memory consolidation and storage, motor performance and behavioral flexibility. The improvement of serotoninergic transmission also has a positive effect on the emotional mechanisms of memory, abnormalities at this level being linked, for example, with depression, anxiety and dementia.)
  • Chamomile (Apigenin, one of the flavonoids contained in chamomile, has been proven by certain scientific studies to have a strong anxiolytic effect, which, coupled with the analgesic, sedative and hypnotic effects of other substances, makes chamomile an efficient herb for maintaining the overall mental health.)
  • Mint (Peppermint essential oil blocks smooth muscle contraction and has analgesic and mentally relaxing effects.)
  • Sage (Sage essential oil inhibits the enzyme acetyl cholinesterase, which is responsible for inactivating and degrading acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter essential for the normal functioning of the nervous system. Thus, by helping maintain a normal level of acetylcholine in the brain, sage induces an alert and yet calm state of mind and improves the overall mood, memory and cognition. Also, rosmarinic acid, a component of sage, seems to have significant neuroprotective, antioxidant and anti-apoptotic properties.)
  • Yarrow (It strongly inhibits the angiotensin-converting enzyme and thus has a hypotensive effect, due mostly to the presence of alkaloids such as betonicine, stachydrine and trigonelline.)

Mix the herbs in equal quantities. Add 1 teaspoon of the mixture in a cup of hot boiled water and let steep for 5-7 minutes. Drink 1-2 cups a day, preferably in the morning and not later than 6 PM.

Other helpful herbs

  • Green tea
  • Black tea
  • Gotu kola
  • Milk thistle
  • Rosemary

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