Homemade Anti-Diabetic Tea

This recipe for anti-diabetic tea is cheap, helps reduce glucose, acts like a body cleaner and stimulates the liver and the gall.

This anti-diabetic tea is one of the most efficient ways of keeping your glucose on track. It can be found in health store at a very small price or you can prepare it on your own at home. It can be considered as a vegetal insulin, because it uses plants instead of the actual medicine.


This anti-diabetic tea is made out of:

  • Nut tree leaves
  • Bilberry leaves and branches
  • Mint
  • Mulberry leaves
  • Bean pods
  • Dandelion

These plants are efficient when it comes to lowering the sugar level. You can also make this mix at home if you have all the ingredients provided above. They should also be fresh.

The tea is made out of 1 teaspoon per cup. The infusion time is 6 minutes. You can drink up to 2 or 3 cups per day, before you are having a meal. You can add some lemon juice and sweeten it with some licorice.

Besides the healthy effect it has on diabetics, this tea has another benefit which is much more complex and can be used by anyone. It is a depurative and a diuretic tea. It stimulates the biliary secretion of the liver and the blood circulation at the extremities.

Other benefits of this tea:

  • Decreasing the glucose level and stabilizing it
  • Stimulating the insulin production and the pancreas function
  • Regeneration of pancreas cells
  • Levels the sugar in your system and stimulates your liver
  • Improving some possible diabetes complications such as: diabetic retinopathy, arterial hypertension, phlebitis and arthritis

Other anti-diabetic teas can contain other plants with hypoglycemic, anti-obesity, diuretic and liver and renal stimulating properties, as it follows: chicory root, burdock root, gentian root, nettle and dock.

Nut tree leaves, bilberry leaves and branches and mulberry leaves are the most natural hypoglycemic and diuretic products. Bean pods have a simlar action. Burdock root is of great help in your diabetes diet. It fights against stress, it cleans your body of toxins and it stimulates the hepato-biliary functions. It is also a plant that can help out with any pain caused by rheumatism.

Chicory root is purgative, detoxifying, laxative and tonic. Nettle leaves are anti-diabetic, tonic, anti-rheumatic and anti-anemic.

All of them, combined, offer the proper levels of sugar and insulin in your body, keeping your glucose in check and making sure everything will stay this way. Consumption of this tea will help you in your fight against diabetes and will ensure you of a careless life regarding this disease. Naturally made, it will not tire your liver, but will help it.

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