Find Your Way to Weight Loss and Detoxification with this Green Tea and Almond Milk Mix

Millions of people all over the world start their morning with a freshly-made cup of tea along with their breakfast. Some people prefer black tea, some like the taste of green tea or other herbal teas. Tea in general, and green tea in particular, has many health benefits. The revolutionary mix of almond milk and green tea can do wonders to your waist.

green tea and almond milk for weight loss

The mix is known by people who want to maintain a certain weight or those who want to drop off some pounds. Besides detoxing and cleansing your body, the combination between almond milk and green tea has a great taste and keeps you from feeling hungry all the time. This mix is said to make you lose 0.5 to 2 kg per day by getting rid of the excess fluid in your body. This diet should be practiced one day, and no more than two times per month.

How to make this recipe

For the preparation process, you will need 1.5 liter of almond milk and 2 tablespoons of green tea. Buy original green tea from healthy food stores since it provides the best effect. Teabags or fabricated green tea will not have the same effect on your body.

Your first step is to boil and then cool down the almond milk to 70 degrees. Make sure the almond milk is hot, not only warm. Then, you can proceed to adding the 2 tablespoons of green tea. Cover the beverage and leave it for 20 minutes. This will ensure the infusion process. Strain and being to drink a cup every 2 hours. This mix is well absorbed because the milk eases the caffeine effect and the green tea helps you digest the almond milk.

While proceeding with this diet, make sure you drink non-carbonated water. Providing your body with 2L of water per day keeps a balanced organism. This tea acts like a strong diuretic. This mix will keep you full throughout the whole day, which is why the hunger feeling will go away.

Green tea is also a very good brain stimulative, helping your brain grow and develop normally. At the same time, this tea protects your brain when you are aging, decreasing the risks of getting Parkinson or Alzheimer. Due to the many antioxidants it has, green tea protects your body from developing different types of cancer. Almond milk is great for the heart and for the health of your bones, keeping them strong.

This mix should not be consumed if you have dairy intolerance, low blood pressure, gallbladder diseases or kidney problems. If you are suffering from any chronic diseases, please consult your doctor. Your health is always more important than losing weight.

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