Effective Tea Recipes for Stomach Problems

If you suffer from frequent stomach problems, then this is a sign that something is wrong and that you should take immediate action. However, spending a fortune on the over the counter medicines is definitely not something you would want to do, so you might be looking for alternate remedies. This is when we enter the scene to offer you the best and most efficient natural recipes that will help you get rid of the annoying stomach problems. Read on to find out the best natural home remedies for the stomach and the digestive system.

Effective Tea Recipes for Stomach Problems

Chamomile and Peppermint Tea for Calming the Stomach

If you suffer from indigestion, then you must drink this therapeutic and soothing tea that will tame your stomach and reduce the aches.


–          Dried chamomile – 1 teaspoon

–          Dried peppermint – 1 teaspoon

–          Boiling water – 1 cup

Preparation: use a pot to put the dried chamomile and peppermint and then pour the boiling water iver them. Cover the mixture and let it steep for about ten minutes. Strain the tea and put it in a teacup. Consume it thrice a day to reduce and eliminate the intestinal cramps.

Treat Motion Sickness with Lemon Settler

You can cure motion sickness with over the counter medicines, but these will come with various side effects. Try the following recipe to soothe your stomach when dealing with motion sickness.


–          Crushed peppermint or sprig spearmint – 1

–          Honey – 1 teaspoon

–          Boiling water – 1 cup

–          Lemon juice from one lemon

Preparation: use a large cup to mix the honey, the boiling water and the lemon juice. Stir it well and in the end add the peppermint or the spearmint. Drink this solution everytime you feel the motion sickness symptoms. Take the beverage with you when traveling and keep it in a thermos.

The Tea Against Diarrhea

If your digestive system is irritated and you suffer from diarrhea, then the following tea will definitely put you back on the track.


–          Boiling water

–          Dried blackberry or raspberry leaves – 2 teaspoons

Preparation: pour the boiling water in a teacup and add the berry leaves. Let them steep for about 10 minutes and after that strain the tea. Consume the beverage thrice a day to beat constipation and also prevent dehydration.

Laxative Drink

If you suffer from constipation, then you will definitely need a laxative beverage to help you cure this condition. Here is what you will need.


–          Warm water

–          Psyllium husks – 1 to 3 teaspoons

Preparation: mix the warm water with the psyllium husks in a cup and drink the solution one time per day. Consume a glass of plain water after that. Also, consume up to 8 glasses of water per day.

The Tea Against Flatulence

Flatulence is an embarrasing condition, but it can be easily treated with a natural remedy. A simple herbal tea can be the solution for your problem.


–          Dried marjoram – ½ teaspoon

–          Crushed fennel seeds – 2

–          Dried basil – 1 teaspoon

–          Dried catnip – 1 teaspoon

–          Dried peppermint – ½ teaspoon

–          Dried chamomile – 1 teaspoon

Preparation: mix all the above mentioned herbs in a cup and add 225 ml of boiling water. Cover and steep it for 10 minutes and drink it after straining it. You can drink more than 3 cups daily so as to get relief from flatulence.

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