Wonderful Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

You know for sure that lemon has miraculous benefits on your health, and it has great proprieties. So does lemon essential oil, just that it is more concentrated and more powerful. Let’s see some of essential lemon oil’s amazing benefits.

lemon essential oil

Good for the immune system

Lemon oil is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, such as vitamin C. This vitamin is a great ally of the immune system and it is also famous for its antioxidant proprieties. This means that your body will be protected from the harm caused by free radicals at a cellular level. Moreover, lemon oil is used for improving blood circulation. All these attributes make it a booster for the immune system.

Treats stomach conditions

You may think that a citrus cannot be harmless if you suffer from a stomach condition, because of its acidity. In fact, lemon is the only citrus fruit that can heal stomach conditions because its acid is alkaline and contributes to the good functioning of the digestive tract, and it relieves the pain. Lemon oil is also carminative. For these reasons, lemons and lemon essential oil are used in treating acidity, upset stomach, cramps, indigestion, and even gastritis.

Treating acne

Lemon essential oil has antibacterial proprieties that help you get rid of acne and other skin disorders. Another advantage is that lemon oil is a natural astringent that provides your skin with vital vitamins. You can use it daily in your skin care routine. A great suggestion is to cleanse your skin with a cotton pad and a few drops of lemon essential oil every night.

Helps you deal with stress

Essential lemon oil has calming proprieties. This oil is used for reducing stress, anxiety, fatigue, tension, and nervousness. The scent of lemon oil has wonderful benefits for your mood. It can also help you to focus on your work and to stay concentrated for a longer time. If you want to get relief from stress and stay focused, put a few drops of lemon essential oil in your air-freshener. Moreover, if you want to improve the quality of your relaxing bath, add a few drops of lemon oil to the water.

Eliminates dandruff

Lemon essential oil has antifungal and antibacterial proprieties. These attributes make it an excellent remedy for treating dandruff. The cause of dandruff will be eliminated and your hair will be refreshed. It can also help in the case of oily hair because it regulates the production of sebum.

Helps with detoxification

Lemons and lemon essential oils have super powers when it comes to detoxifying your body. Only a few drops of lemon oil added to a glass of water results in a perfect solution for cleansing the body naturally. If you drink it in the morning, your liver will be grateful. The liver is an important part of the detoxifying system of the body, and it needs antioxidants to work properly. Furthermore, the kidneys and the digestive system will also benefit from drinking a glass of water with 5-6 drops of lemon oil every morning, before eating anything.

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