Women with Gynecological Problems Should Drink Yarrow Tea

200 years ago, the German priest and botanist Sebastian Kneipp recommended yarrow tea to women who were suffering from different gynecological disorders.

yarrow tea for gynecological problems

The Austrian therapist Maria Treben quotes the priest Sebastian Kneipp in her books and prescribes this plant for both internal and external treatments (as vaginal douching or sitz baths) in uterine diseases and genital organ diseases.

About yarrow

The plant appears from June to September, and its flowers are pale lilac or white. You can use the whole plant: flowers, leaves or stems. It has stimulant, tonic, astringent and diaphoretic properties.

How to use yarrow

In treating internal genital diseases, yarrow is used as an infusion that is obtained by combining one teaspoon of plant and 1 cup of boiled water. Let it brew for 30 minutes and then strain the liquid.

Priest Kneipp recommended that people should consume this tea in large quantities. You can drink up to 8 tea cups a day, and this is the equivalent of 2 liters of tea.

About lady’s mantle

Lady’s mantle’s flowers appear from June to August, and their color is yellow-green. You can consume the herb and the root. Usually, the leaves are given to cattle and sheep. This plant contains tannin. Therefore it has styptic and astringent properties.

How to use lady’s mantle

Another plant that does wonders for  feminine diseases is lady’s mantle. Maria Treben says that this is a great help for the affections that are specific to women.

This plant is administrated as an infusion that you prepare from one teaspoon of lady’s mantle and one cup of boiled water. Let it brew for 30 seconds and then strain the liquid.

It’s recommended to drink large quantities of this tea, up to one liter a day (4 tea cups).

In the case of both plants, you must drink the tea with small sips.


Lady’s mantle tea has great results in healing the wounds caused by childbirth, inflammations of the internal genital organs and in uterine atony (the uterine musculature is weak after childbirth). Also, it’s an essential remedy in preventing abortion in pregnant women who are at risk. To tone the uterine musculature, expectant mothers can start drinking lady’s mantle tea starting with month 3 of pregnancy.

Moreover, yarrow acts as a uterine tonic. This plant improves the muscular tonus and stimulates the reproductive activity. The improvement of the uterine tonus is also important for controlling and stabilizing the menstrual flow.

Dead nettle tea is good for the gynecological diseases with a higher level of gravity. This tea is obtained by mixing one teaspoon of this plant with one cup of boiled water. Strain the liquid after 30 minutes. It’s recommended to drink two tea cups a day.

If you have a gynecological problem, you should introduce one of these teas in your diet if you want to see an improvement. Besides this, tea is the perfect beverage for a cold day.

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