Watermelon Lemonade with Mint and Rosemary – A Refreshing Infusion of Health

Each of us can imagine how delicious and aromatic watermelon lemonade is, particularly during the summer, when we crave for refreshing beverages. The mixture of lemon, watermelon, and mint is a special, delicious one – you’ll fall in love with it as soon as you give it a try – guaranteed.

watermelon lemonade recipe

Watermelon is like a fresh spring of sweet, hydrating water, as it contains 91 percent water. For this reason, watermelon is the ideal fruit for preparing a savory lemonade for steaming hot summer days.

Watermelon Health Benefits

Did you know that watermelon encompasses higher levels of lycopene than tomatoes? If you didn’t know until now, lycopene is a powerful antioxidant, part of the carotenoids group, which is more potent than beta-carotene. For starters, this antioxidant contributes to the prevention of vascular accidents, as well as cancer. Concurrently, lycopene diminishes the growth of cerebral tumors and ovary, and breast cancer.

The list of health benefits doesn’t end here; lycopene agents protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV damage, which imminently leads to premature aging, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. Hence, enjoying this refreshing drink in the summertime is perfect for increasing the antioxidant protection against the detrimental effects linked to sun exposure.

Moreover, lycopene has numerous other benefits – decreasing the levels of blood pressure, while deterring muscular pain, due to the intake of citrulline. Additionally, citrulline is known to aid with help loss, preventing the accumulation of fat in the cells. Watermelon boosts your hydration, being low in calories and high in nutrition.

Watermelon Lemonade – Recipe


  • 500 g watermelon
  • 100 g honey
  • 2 lemons
  • One handful of fresh mint leaves and rosemary
  • 1-liter fresh water


Remove the rinds of the watermelon, eliminate all the seeds, and cut it into tiny cubes. Place the fruit into the blender, together with the fresh mint and rosemary leaves, which should be washed and cut in advance. Continue by blending the mixture for a couple of seconds, until you obtain a smooth paste.

Strain the puree you got through a fine sieve. Alternatively, you can add the pulp to the drink as well, but, in this instance, your lemonade will have a thick texture. It’s up to you.

Squeeze the lemons, and, afterward, transfer the juice to a recipient. Add the honey and start stirring until it is dissolved. Pour the minty lemon juice, and mix until the content is homogenized. Add the water, and continue stirring.

Varying on how sweet you want your beverage to be, you can add more honey. Alternatively, you may replace the honey with fruit or plant homemade syrup, to sweeten your beverage.

Ideally, you should leave the lemonade in the refrigerator for at least one hour, so that it becomes aromatic and refreshing as you want it to be. For a more delicious drink, you can add some ice cubes and fresh mint and rosemary leaves to your summer drink. Experts recommend you not to eat for thirty minutes before and after having this drink, in order to avoid stomach upset.

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