Why You Should Use Pink Himalayan Salt Block

Salt is an essential ingredient to all types of meals, as it adds savor and improves all the other flavors. Moreover, salt is loaded with vital minerals. However, it is never a good idea to abuse of salt and consume it excessively. Also, people who are suffering from particular health problems or are currently following a medical treatment may have some restrictions when it comes to salt consumption. However, this doesn’t mean that all people should exclude salt from their diet. In fact, this can also lead to serious health issues.

pink himalayan salt block

But what is the difference between Himalayan pink salt and our ‘normal’ salt? And how can you use blocks of it for your cooking? From taste to nutritional value, the food will be improved if you choose to use these block in your kitchen. In fact, you can even serve the food on pink Himalayan salt blocks, without having to worry that it will be too salty.

A plus of minerals

If you opt for using salt blocks, the food will absorb a large number of minerals contained in the block – around 80 different minerals while ordinary salt contains mostly one mineral. Why is this important? Because you need minerals in order to have a healthy heart, regulate blood pressure, balance the level of pH in your body, control the body’s water level, etc.

A unique flavor

That broad range of minerals also contributes to an enriched taste. The food you cook or serve on a block of Himalayan salt will be improved, which means that its taste will also be “upgraded”. According to a famous award-winning food book author, Mark Bitterman, when in contact with pink salt, food has an extraordinary chemical reaction, which leads to a superior way of cooking.


Do you know how exposed are you to microbes in your kitchen? Cooking utensils are usually difficult to clean thoroughly, and they have small grooves that retain particles of food if not cleaned properly. These are dangerous microbial sources. On the other hand, the Himalayan salt block has antimicrobial properties, which means that it acts as a sanitizer. This is why so many people use it to destroy microbes and preserve food.

Easy to clean

Not to mention that such a salt block is very easy to clean, as you don’t need soap for this action. In fact, you are not allowed to use soap on it. Just dump a towel or a sponge and wipe the block.

Resistant to extreme temperature

If you want to serve hot or cold food on it, you should not worry about temperature. If some cooking utensils or recipients are sensitive to high or low temperature, this is not the case of pink Himalayan salt blocks. Such a block can be chilled in the fridge or even placed on a grill or stove to be heated up. The extreme temperature resistance makes it perfect even for frying food. In fact, you can heat it up to 900°F /482°C and chill down to 0°F /17°C.

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