The Unknown Beneficial Effects of Dry Brushing

Toxins are microscopic molecules, peptides or proteins that have the ability to cause a disease or an infection inside the body. Whether they enter our body through absorption, inhalation or ingestion, you must know that they are all around us. Typically, they are present in the air we breathe, in the foods we eat, and in the cosmetics we apply on the skin daily.

dry brushing benefits

Toxins may be the root of all kinds of health problems such as neurological and reproductive diseases, skin conditions, not to mention several forms of cancer. On top of that, they have a genuinely detrimental impact on the mood, energy level, and overall performance. To put it roughly, an excess of toxins in the body may undermine your health and personal and professional life.

It’s crystal clear that we cannot escape getting into contact with toxins. But, we can eliminate them efficiently by using a simple dry brushing technique.

What makes dry brushing genuinely recommendable?

The skin is the second most important detoxifying organ in the body. That is why dry brushing is more than recommended for removing toxins. Why? Because this technique opens the pores to the skin, discarding the dead cells, as well as the toxins that accumulate within.

In simpler words, dry brushing exfoliates the skin and removes the impurities. Plus, it also stimulates the sweat glands, which further eliminate toxins through sweat.

Moreover, dry brushing has a genuinely beneficial impact on the lymphatic system as well. The lymphatic system encompasses vessels, lymph capillaries, and lymph fluid that travel throughout the body. One of the primary functions of the lymph fluid is to assemble toxins in the body and deliver them to the liver for elimination.

The lymphatic system depends on muscle and skin stimulation so that it works correctly, and the lymph fluid has to be in motion to do the job effectively. Dry brushing is amazing for stimulating the flow of lymph fluid, supporting the body’s natural detox functions.

Basic dry brushing steps

  1. You should be doing the dry brushing inside the tub.
  2. As you stay upright, begin by brushing your feet in fast-moving, dynamic moves. Continue up to the body to the midsection, arms and back. When brushing your back and torso, use gentle circular movements. At the same time, it’s significant that you dry brush toward the cardiovascular system, in this way stimulating healthy lymph fluid movement. Avoid brushing the skin too harsh – you don’t want to irritate it. Typically, during the dry brushing technique, the skin should be pink colored.
  3. Continue the dry brushing for up to 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. Take a long, relaxing bath after this procedure. You can add Epsom salt or Bentonite clay for additional detox properties.
  5. After the bath, consider having a cool, refreshing shower, which will contribute to closing the pores.
  6. Make sure you moisturize your skin afterward, using cocoa butter moisturizer or all natural, organic coconut oil.
  7. Repeat the technique for up to 3 times a week.

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