How to Treat a Runny Nose with Some Simple Remedies

With the cold season approaching, many of us will experience the annoying problem of a runny nose. The glands present in the nasal passages produce mucus in order to keep the area moist. While the process itself is natural and totally normal, when our body is exposed to bacteria or allergens, glands produce an excessive amount of mucus to kill them off. Thus, you get yourself a nasty case of a runny nose.


Other causes for a runny nose range from the common cold, sinus infection to an unpredicted change in weather. Untreated, a runny nose can trigger headaches, coughing, earaches, throat infections and other conditions usually related to the common cold.

Conventional, over the counter medications are not always effective and can have various side effects such as drowsiness, which could affect your efficiency both at home and at work. Luckily, this is where the natural, home remedies come to the rescue. Here are four natural remedies that will transform your runny nose into a thing of the past.

Mustard Oil

A guaranteed source of antibiotic that possesses antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Mustard oil is a great weapon against a runny nose because it eliminates the microbes with glucosinolate. Also, the isothiocyanates from the mustard oil prevent and treat fungal infections and can impede any bacterial damage.

  • Heat a moderate amount of mustard oil until it becomes tepid
  • By using a dropper, pour 1 or 2 drops in each nostril
  • For it to have full effect, lean your head so that the oil can reach into the sinus and nasal cavities
  • Blow your nose
  • Do this for 2-3 times a day


Garlic is a traditional remedy for a runny nose. It’s known to possess antibacterial and antiseptic qualities.

Garlic soup recipe:

  • Chop 3 to 4 cloves in a small cup of water
  • Sieve the liquid and mix it with a small quantity of sugar
  • Drink it twice a day


Basil has antifungal, antibacterial qualities which contribute to the healing of a runny nose by warming your body.

  • Make sure to chew 3-4 fresh basil leaves right after you wake up, on an empty stomach, and right before going to bed
  • Do this regularly
  • If the taste doesnț’t suit you, add some jaggery to the basil leaves


If a sinus infection, viruses, fungi or other various types of bacteria are the causes for your runny nose, onion is the perfect way to treat it because it contains sulfur, which eliminates the excess phlegm.

  • Slice 1-2 onions
  • Boil about 1-2 cups of water and include the onion slices
  • Wait 5 minutes
  • Drink it and make sure to inhale the vapors

A runny nose can be a big annoyance, especially if you have a busy work life. Besides the obvious health concerns, carrying and buying napkins constantly to combat your runny nose could prove to be a chore after a while, so it’s best to take it seriously and treat it responsibly.

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