Treat Earaches and Infections With Lavender and Himalayan Salt

Ear infections are one of those health problems that are quite common, yet can still be tricky to treat. While there are various ways of approaching the situation, either through conventional or home solutions, some will either not be reliable or will take time before working. Having to wait even a few hours when the pain is strong can be quite an effort, which is why we’ll look into methods that we found to act quickly.


First of all, if you want to prevent ear infections, 3% hydrogen peroxide is an excellent antibacterial solution that will kill the germs responsible for ear infections. It should be especially used after being exposed to factors that increase the chance of bacteria coming invading your ears. After swimming, for example, you should always disinfect your ears in order to stay on the safe side.

Another excellent solution against ear infection is made using Himalayan salt and lavender. Here is the treatment.

A lavender and salt solution that is effective against ear infections

One of the best things about this remedy is that, besides the fact that it is very effective, it is also very easy to prepare. The ingredients it uses are both readily accessible and excellent at fighting bacteria. You will get relief from the pain and create a cleaner environment inside your ear.

Himalayan salt is known to create inhospitable conditions for a wide array of germs. It is the reason why it’s also used for foot baths, for example. It is also naturally drying for the skin, pulling toxins out of the area where it is applied. When it comes to the ear, the best way of using this salt is to place it in a pack that can be heated and held right at the opening. The heat will allow the effects of the salt to extend inside.

Lavender is another excellent natural antibacterial that will help you battle ear infections. It serves to reduce inflammation, soothe the skin and reduce the pain.


  • 1 cotton bag for the salt (even a simple cotton sock will do)
  • ½ cup Himalayan salt crystals (they react better to heat than powder)
  • 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil (2-3 tablespoons of dried lavender flowers work as well)


  • Place the salt and lavender in the bag or sock of your choice. Make sure that it is tied tightly, as you do not want anything to go to waste.
  • Heat the bag or sock slowly in a pan (be careful and supervise the process) or microwave it for 30 seconds
  • The bag should be warm, so it can be placed on the skin without causing any pain or burns.
  • Place over the painful ear, leave it until it becomes cold. Repeat until you see improvement.

Worth mentioning

While this solution will help you find relief from the pain and part of the bacteria, it is not enough to cure ear infections by itself. You should combine it with other remedies in order to get the best results. Most importantly, you should consult a doctor if the infection persists.

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