This Miracle Mask Removes Dark Circles, Whitens The Skin And Removes Small Wrinkles

The mask with potatoes is an excellent rejuvenating mask for the care of the eye area. Greatly revitalizes the skin, eliminates swelling, fine lines, dark circles and puffy skin. It has an extremely gentle effect on the skin under the eyes, no irritation, suitable for all skin types and doesn’t have any contraindications. Using this simple mask twice a week will make the skin around the eyes brighter, become smoother, firmer and more elastic. Potatoes contain enzyme catechol, which is often used in cosmetics for skin whitening. Try it, it isn’t hard to prepare, and it’s really amazing.


Potato mask for skin care around the eyes.

Even if it might sound incredible, dark circles can be reduced by applying potato slices before sleeping. Potatoes are quite rich in vitamins and minerals that work wonders for tired skin and wrinkles. This vegetable refreshes and softens the complexion and is great for any type of skin. Cosmetic treatments that contain potato are really efficient in getting rid of wrinkles, dark circles and eyes red with tiredness.

This treatment will definitely be useful in case of having your eyes red and watery from all that time spent on the computer.


For the preparation of this mask you will need 2 tablespoons of finely grated raw potato and 2 pieces of gauze (or swabs of cotton wool).

Put the grated potatoes on the prepared pieces of gauze (per 1 tablespoon on each piece of gauze) and apply this mask on the eye area, so that the gauze stands on top of potatoes.

Keep the mask on for 20-30 minutes. After that remove the mask and wash with lukewarm water or chamomile tea. Apply the mask 2-3 times a week.

As for contraindications when using these masks, they simply do not exist.

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