Thick Smoothies That Keep Hunger at a Distance

Do you prefer adding a lot of water to your smoothies to make them filling? If you want your smoothies to grant you a feeling of satiety, you ought to do the exact opposite to that – prepare them thick. Why? Keep on reading to find out.


A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition proved that thick smoothies do an excellent job at keeping hunger at a distance. Researchers established that the survey participants felt satiated immediately, and for an extended period of time after having the drink. Thick smoothies didn’t contain more than 100 calories, and their thin counterpart smoothies had five times more calories. Nonetheless, in spite of that, the first options worked better at providing a feeling of satiety. Therefore, according to this study, thick smoothies are the secret to weight reduction!

Moreover, a similar study was conducted at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Participants had to choose between smoothies of distinct consistencies. Afterward, the specialists analyzed the stomachs of the members every ten minutes for one and a half hour, using an MRI.

The researchers found out that, in less than half an hour, the thin smoothies left the stomach. On the opposite side, the thick smoothies remained in the stomach for over 80 minutes. In the meantime, researchers also noted that participants that opted for thick smoothies still felt satiated even after the drink left their stomachs completely.

Therefore, next time you’re preparing yourself a smoothie, go thick! You won’t feel hungry for the following hours, which is great news if you want to shed off some pounds!

In this direction, we would like to present to you some tips for preparing thick smoothies.

  • Include probiotic-rich yogurt

If you consume dairy products, don’t hesitate to add some yogurt to your daily smoothies to make them filling and creamy. Choose unflavored, plain yogurt, to minimize the amount of calories. Also, you can add coconut or almond yogurt if these options are more appealing to your taste.

  • Add avocado

Adding avocado to your smoothies is an excellent idea if you want to obtain a creamy consistency. Avocado doesn’t have a pregnant taste, which is why you can combine it with any other fruit or veggie, depending on your preferences.

  • Incorporate frozen fruits

Frozen fruits will grant your smoothies a thick consistency, similar to that of frozen yogurt. We recommend you to add the following frozen fruits: bananas, mangos, kiwis, strawberries, and peaches. Sweet and refreshing!

  • Stash some coconut meat

Stashing some coconut to your smoothies is ideal since it tastes delicious while adding a creamy, consistent texture to your combinations. In this direction, coconut meat is exactly what you need if you want a refreshing texture.

  • Add raw rolled oats

An effortless way to thicken the consistency of your smoothie is stashing some raw rolled oats in the blender. That is super healthy because it will make your drink more satisfying, thanks to the fiber. Not to mention that healthy fiber intake keeps constipation at a distance.

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