Take on the Garlic Treatment for a Week and See the Benefits

Everyone knows at this point that garlic is great for your body and that it’s never a bad idea to have it in your kitchen. Not only does it have a unique taste, but garlic is also a top ingredient used in treating various illnesses, being most effective when consumed in raw form.

garlic remedy

The All-Inclusive Cure

Garlic is well known for treating and preventing almost anything, but we know it mostly for its ability to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure, thus preventing you from having a heart attack or a coronary heart disease. And not only that, but garlic also lowers the risk of developing atherosclerosis.

If you consume garlic as a form of treatment, you can treat minor illnesses such as the common cold, the flu, hay fever, bug bites, traveler’s diarrhea and fungal infections. Also, aside from the on-the-spot treatment, it can also be used to keep under control the symptoms of diabetes, osteoarthritis, and an enlarged prostate.

Garlic has the ability to boost up your immune system and eliminate the toxins from your body. If you mix it with ginger and onions, garlic can also help you cleanse your body after a chemotherapy treatment.

How to Consume Garlic for Best Results

Garlic can prove to be powerful when eaten raw. Once you heat it up, it decentralizes the allicin, which is garlic’s main active ingredient. We recommend that you crop or crush your garlic cloves, and add them to your food after about 15 minutes. Once you crush them, you enhance the allicin’s bioavailability.

It is recommended that you consume garlic on an empty stomach. Once your tummy is full, you cannot absorb all the nutrients from the eaten food.

  • Honey and Raw Garlic

Take a tablespoon of honey and mix it with about 2 or 3 finely chopped garlic cloves. Aside from the fact that this remedy brings you to an optimal health level, you will also get an energy boost that will get you through the day if consumed regularly.

  • The Garlic Flu Tonic

This tonic is recommended if you want to get rid of the flu symptoms, colds, and sore throats. You will need the following ingredients:

  • 5 garlic cloves
  • 1 onion
  • 2 hot peppers
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 teaspoon of ginger
  • Apple cider vinegar

Take out a 350-500 mL clean Mason jar, and start adding the ingredients. You will start with one layer of freshly chopped onion and then continue with another layer of freshly chopped garlic. The next step would be to add some hot peppers, but be careful. You will need to add the seeds as well.

You continue with the tonic by adding some ginger. Then, you will juice one lemon (remember to take out the seeds) and pour it into the jar. The final step is to add some apple cider vinegar, making sure that there’s still a free space of 1 cm from the rim. Once you seal the jar, it can be stored in your pantry.

If you have sensitive skin, it would be a good idea to wear some gloves. You can get burns or skin rashes from the natural oils in some of the ingredients.

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  1. Whilst I agree, stay away from colleagues etc for the week! Hahaha. Garlic is as excellent as turmeric.

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