Say Goodbye to Headaches with Apple Cider Vinegar

Headaches. We all have them, and we all hate to have them. Studies show that at least 28 million Americans have to deal with headaches. These can be triggered by deadlines, traffic jams, food allergies, hangovers and hundreds of other habits in our lifestyle. In order to deal with them, we depend heavily on painkillers and antibiotics – but try thinking about it a little. How healthy is it for us to dope ourselves with medicine on a daily basis? We try fixing a problem and we might end up causing another problem instead! Luckily, there are natural ways for us to go around a nasty headache.

apple cider vinegar for headaches

The Miracle in Our Kitchen

You’ve probably had apple cider vinegar in your kitchen for ages and had no idea that it could be used for headaches as well. While it may not heal the effect as fast as a painkiller would, it attacks the cause rather than the effect. For example, if the problem is caused by dehydration, a glass of water with apple cider vinegar will give your body the minerals it requires to fix the problem. Thus, the relief will come shortly after.

Below, we will list a few methods to treat a headache:

  • Simple apple cider vinegar: Pour ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar in 3 cups of water, and bring it to a boil. Once removed from the stove, you must inhale the vapors while keeping a towel over your head. This is very efficient against sinus infections and headaches.
  • Apple cider vinegar and vitamin C: This is very useful if your headaches happen daily. Just mix 1 tbsp of vinegar and ½ tsp of vitamin C in a glass of water. Results will come after daily use for 1-3 weeks.
  • Apple cider vinegar and peppermint oil: Used for migraines and stress headaches, the vinegar and peppermint combination can soothe a headache – all the way from your feet. Just mix one tbsp of apple cider vinegar with one tsp of peppermint oil into a large container of water, and soak your feet in it for 20 minutes. The headache will shortly go away.

Apple cider vinegar can be used as compresses too, simple or consumed with honey.

Tips and Precautions

There are certain things that need to be considered when consuming apple cider vinegar. First, if you have diabetes, you have to avoid consuming this product. The chromium found within its composition can affect the levels of your insulin. Also, you should not consume apple cider vinegar before diluting it, because you may experience side effects such as digestive tract damage, diarrhea or tooth enamel damage.

Apple cider vinegar is a much healthier option than conventional medicine – and it can be found in tablets too. There were many people who swore to its efficiency, so you can also try it for your own headache. Remember to also take a nap after taking this remedy. It will enhance the apple cider vinegar’s properties and pretty much ‘reboot’ your brain.

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