How to Remove the Ticks Stuck Under the Skin – 4 Natural and Efficient Methods

Ticks are not insects, but invertebrate animals that belong to same family as spiders and scorpions. Ticks are parasitic beings, that need a host to survive and breed. Like mosquitoes, ticks suck the host’s blood, the only difference being that they get under the skin and live there for a few days.

How to Remove the Ticks Stuck Under the Skin – 4 Natural and Efficient Methods

About Ticks

Ticks don’t fly and don’t jump, they just crawl through the grass and bushes. That’s why we find them in green areas, where they wait for their host, like true predators. Ticks will simply attach to the host’s body.

Because they are very small (2 – 3 mm), the ticks are difficult to observe. Those who are bitten will usually see them once their skin get swollen. The symptoms of a tick bite are irritations and itching on the biten area or blood swelling.

Tick bites are not severe. Still, because of the numerous cases reported during the last years, this topic has become extremely popular. There are indeed tick species that carry viruses and that can transmit severe diseases to pets and humans such as Lyme disease. Dogs are usually the most exposed beings to tick bites.

How to Remove Ticks from the Skin Without any Risk

The majority of the people are afraid to remove the ticks on their own. There is always the risk for its head to remain stuck in the skin. This can lead to an unwanted infection.

We’ve chosen the 4 more efficient and natural methods for you. If none of them works, then you must consult a doctor immediately.

1. Matchstick

An old and successful method to remove ticks from the skin is using a matchstick. Damp the head of the matchstick and draw a few circles around the affected area.

Soon, the tick with take out her head and get on the matchstick because it will be attracted by the smell of phosphorus. This simple procedure can be performed as soon as you have seen the tick in the skin or a few days after.

2. Lard

When you have noticed that you have a tick on your body, you must cover the area with solid lard and wait 3 or 4 minutes. The lard will cover the tick and it won’t be able to breathe. As a result, it will come out. If it hasn’t come out after the first application, you can apply the lard one more time in a thicker layer.

3. Iodine Tincture

Soak a cotton ball in iodine tincture (not regular iodine) and apply it on the tick. Leave it on for about 4 – 5 minutes, until the tick gets out on its own. You can find iodine tincture in the pharmacies. If the tick has gotten deeper into the skin, repeat this procedure a few times.

4. Acetone

When you see a tick stuck under the skin, on your arm, leg, thigh, back or any other place, all you have to do is soak a cotton ball in acetone and apply it over the affected area. In just a few minutes, it will fall. After that, disinfect the area with iodine and apply a calendula and propolis cream.

Control your Body – Where do Ticks Usually Attach

To identify the possible ticks attached to the skin, it’s a good idea to examine your entire body after staying for a long time in a green area. Tick usually attach around the ears, in the hair or the head area, the belly area, under the arms, behind the knees, in the groins or around the waist. It is also highly recommended to have a hot shower.

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