How to Reduce Stretch Marks with Olive Oil

In the worst cases, stretch marks can prove annoying and frustrating for many people. They usually occur after birth or when the body gains or loses weight randomly.

The skin tissues are kept together by collagen, which weakens when the skin is stretched excessively. Moreover, this perturbs the normal production of skin cells, which in turn leads to the occurrence of stretch marks.

Fortunately, there are many ways to make the stretch marks disappear. You can use many conventional treatments, but why would you do that when there are many natural remedies available that are just as safe and efficient.

Fair warning: do not expect immediate results, as the stretch marks take a lot of time and patience to treat. To speed up the process, use olive oil.

Why is olive oil so efficient against stretch marks?

  • Olive oil contains high amounts of polyphenols, phytosterols, and Vitamin E, which aids the production of collagen and enhances the elasticity of skin
  • Olive oil keeps the skin moist
  • Because it possesses antioxidants and many beneficial nutrients, olive oil speeds up the healing of the skin cells that are damaged
  • Improves the circulation of blood in the skin
  • Softens the skin and reduces the scars
  • Impedes the expansion of the skin and occurrence of stretch marks as a result

Methods of use

Below, you will find a list of methods of how olive oil can be used to heal stretch marks.

Plain olive oil

  • Warm up the olive oil and apply it on the affected area
  • Massage the area for about 5 minutes
  • Let the oil on the skin for about an hour to be absorbed by the skin
  • Do this twice a day

Olive oil mixed with water and vinegar

  • Combine a few drops of water, vinegar and olive oil
  • Apply the mixture on the affected area
  • Go to bed
  • Do this every day

Castor oil and olive oil

  • Take one teaspoon of each and mix them
  • Massage the mixture on the stretch marks for about 10 minutes
  • Using a clean cloth, cover the stretch marks and place a heated compress against the affected area
  • Wait for 20 minutes, then clean the area with water
  • Make sure to apply this treatment on a daily basis

Olive oil combined with sugar

  • Take 2 tablespoons of sugar and 1 tablespoon of olive oil and mix them together
  • Apply the combination on the stretch marks and massage the area for about 10 minutes, tops
  • After 15 minutes, clean up the area with water
  • Do this 3 times per week

Honey and Olive Oil

  • Using equal amounts of each, pour them into a container and mix them
  • As usual, massage the stretch marks with the mixture
  • After 25 minutes, clean up the affected area with warm water
  • 4 times a week should be enough

As you can see, there are many methods of treating and preventing stretch marks, no matter the cause. Make sure to follow this small guide and your skin will look and feel healthier than ever.

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