Onion is used in almost every cousin across the world. In fact, this vegetable is one of the most used worldwide. It can be used and consumed in very different ways – raw and fresh, fried, baked…

However, almost everyone, after cleaning the onions, throw away the vegetable’s peels.

Researches have shown that onion’s peel contains antioxidants, which possess the abilities to improve and maintain human’s overall health.


The onion peel we are talking about is the brown layer on the outside of the vegetable. This layer is highly rich in diet fiber, flavonoids and antioxidants, all of which are extremely beneficial for the health of the skin.

In addition, read which health benefits you can gain by simply using this layer of this amazing vegetable.

Not many people know, but the peel of the onion actually contains more antioxidants then the onion itself

Onion peel contains very strong plant pigment called quercetin, which helps in reducing hypertension and prevents clogging of the arteries.

Also, this vegetable’s peel possesses antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-fungal properties.

If you decide to include onion’s peel into your diet then you will be able to successfully and drastically reduce the risk of:

– obesity

– colon cancer

– cardiovascular diseases

– diabetes type 2

– gastrointestinal problems

How to make tea from onion peel

This tea is very simple, it easily prepared, and is possesses unbelievable detoxification properties.

Collect onion peels in a clean glass jar. Whenever you want to drink onion peel tea, which acts as an infusion, place several pieces of the peels in a bowl and cover them with boiling water. Let the mixture stand still for not more than 15 minutes. Strain the tea afterwards, and consume it right before you go to sleep.

This tea is recommended to be drunk before going to sleep because the quercetin, consisted in the peel on onions, possesses sedative properties.

Also, use onion peels for preparing stews and soups

Onion peel cannot be eaten raw, but, you can use them when preparing stews and soups.

Quercetin, which is onion peel’s main compound, is very powerful antioxidant that fights against free radicals, which are one of the reasons for cancer occurrence.

Onion peel contains high amount of dietary fiber.

According to some researches, onion peel can be used as an addition to any kind of diet because it contains high amount of insoluble fiber. Insoluble fibers are useful for normal and peristaltic movements of the colon.

These insoluble fibers help in removing toxins from the intestines and they also have the ability to balance the level of the рН value.

In fact, the fibers are useful for the overall health because they are able to reduce the risk of encountering numerous diseases and health conditions, such as: colon cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes type 2 and obesity.

NOTE: onion peel should not be neither used as a tea nor consumed in meals by pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Ask the advice of a health expert before starting drinking onion peel tea. It’s  a safer option to take quercetin capsules.

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