Pomegranate Maintains Oral Health

Pomegranate and its beautiful ruby-red seeds have been used for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes. Studies have shown that this fruit is efficient against high blood pressure, heart disease, some types of cancer, inflammation and dental diseases.

pomegranate for oral health

Pomegranate is rich in fiber, Vitamins E, C and A, iron and antioxidants such as tannins. Researchers claim that this fruit has a higher antioxidant capacity than red wine and green tea.

Its antibacterial properties are very efficient in thwarting dental plaque, lowering the chances of developing gum disease and tooth decay. You can protect your teeth and stay away from dental plaque by drinking the delicious juice of this fruit. But, compared to pomegranate juice, pomegranate peels showed the strongest antimicrobial activity.

Pomegranate mouthwash

You can prepare a natural mouthwash by drying the pomegranate peels and grinding them into a fine powder. Add the powder made from the peels of one pomegranate to three cups of water and boil it for 20-30 minutes to extract its active ingredients. Rinse your mouth with this natural mouthwash three times a day.

The pomegranate mouthwash is a strong astringent and antioxidant. Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties can effectively fight tartar formation and dental plaque, prevent gingivitis and periodontitis.

What do researcher say

A recent study made by researchers in Thailand showed that by drinking pomegranate juice, the participants were able to fight dental plaque and protect their teeth. Dental plaque builds naturally on the teeth, and it’s made of microorganisms that can wreak havoc on the gums and teeth if they are not controlled with proper dental hygiene. If left untreated, plaque can lead to periodontal disease, a severe chronic gum disease which can cause tooth loss.

The same group of researchers found that by combining pomegranate extracts with the extract from the gotu kola herb, they manage to enhance the process of healing the gums. They filled small chips with the two plants’ extracts and inserted them between the gums and the teeth roots. They observed that the teeth and the gums healed very fast with no need of medication.

Other health benefits of pomegranate

The health of our teeth is strongly connected with the overall health of the body. Pomegranate also contains calcium, which is not only beneficial to the teeth, but also to our bones. Scientists have discovered that the periodontal disease is linked to an increased risk of heart disease because of the constant inflammation caused by the dental condition. Pomegranate juice also improves circulation, prevents clotting and increases the quantity of oxygen that reaches the heart.

This means that drinking pomegranate juice constantly not only benefits your teeth but improves your overall health and prevents other diseases. You can now maintain oral health by inhibiting dental plaque only by drinking this refreshing, healthy juice on a daily basis. You can also include pomegranate in your diet, using its seeds in fresh salads, desserts, with your cereals in the morning, to make smoothies or in a variety of soups.

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