One Teaspoon of Grated Horseradish Can Protect Us Against Cancer

Cancer has always been an issue that plagued many patients and exhausted many doctors. Like the medicine’s Holy Grail, they tried to find a cure that could kill cancer developing within your body without affecting the healthy cells as well. Now there has been some research saying that cancer prevention is possible and that you can actually come back from it alive. It’s not some modern medicine or IV drip that will cost you a kidney, either. It’s something that you may even have in your refrigerator at this very moment – but it’s so common, you never thought it might be so wonderful.


Broccoli on Steroids

When have you last eaten some horseradish? Yep, you read right. Horseradish is part of the cancer-fighting family along with cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli – the cruciferous family. Generally, it is spicy food such as garlic or ginger that has the best effects on the human organism, proving themselves efficient in the fight against cancer. Studies show that horseradish contains 10 times the anti-cancerous compounds of its cousin, broccoli – and we all know how much we love this one. The compounds are called glucosinolates, and they have a great potential for preventing various types of cancer. They act by detoxing the body of the free radicals which are causing cancer.

Bringing the Scientific Proof

According to a study made at the University of Illinois by Mosbah Kushad, one teaspoon of horseradish a day is enough to receive all the medicinal benefits of this root. This is great news, considering that horseradish is very hot, making it difficult to consume in large quantities. Together with his colleagues, Kushad proved in a previous study that the glucosinolates in the horseradish help the liver eliminate the potential cancerous compounds within the body, and at the same time prevent further growth of the existent ones.

Researchers also discovered another interesting thing – and that is that the therapeutic force of horseradish grows, even more, when it is cooked. When it’s exposed to heat, an enzyme in horseradish helps the glucosinolates to be even more effective. Another team of researchers from Mount Vernon Hospital made a synthetic version of another compound from radish, called indoleacetic acid, to be used in the fight against cancer.

Using Horseradish to Keep You Healthy

Horseradish is not only great in the fight against cancer, but it also offers many more benefits:

  • ½ teaspoon of grated horseradish helps treat sinusitis.
  • Aids in the treatment of urinary tract infections, due to its antibiotic properties.
  • Helps protect us against environmental toxins.
  • Lowers blood pressure.

Horseradish is often added in beet and vinegar salads and preserved over winter. This may also be added in the preparation of pickles.

For us to be as safe from cancer and chronic internal inflammation, we should always add some horseradish, cabbage, ginger, cauliflower, broccoli, turmeric, and garlic in our diets. You may also want to consult your doctor for some additional advice.

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