OIL PULLING – miraculous ancient remedy for detoxification, immunity boosting and teeth whitening

Oil pulling is a rather new therapy  that has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. Basically, this procedure implies rinsing your mouth with olive oil and it is said to be extremely efficient for whitening the teeth, detoxification and strengthening the immunity and the teeth. 

Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling

This remedy has been long used by the Ayurveda medicine and it has brought along miraculous results. In 2008, the occidental world has discovered this therapy thanks to Bruce Fife who had also written a book about it. Since then, the treatment has become more and more popular and numerous people confess that its results are amazing. Let’s see how the oil pulling works and how it’s done.

How to use oil pulling to improve your health

So, the oil pulling therapy is pretty simple. You just have to use 1 tablespoon of olive oil and rinse your mouth with it for 20 minutes. Throughout this time, the olive oil will collect all the toxins in the oral cavity and will leave it healthier and cleaner. Do not swallow the olive oil, as it will contain a high level of toxicity. After 20 minutes, the oil will become like a gum and you must throw this away. After that, you can wash your mouth with a saline solution or with mineral water.

You must repeat the treatment every day for 10 days. The best moment of the day to do this therapy is in the morning, right after you have waken up so as to have a “day without toxins”. Make sure that the oil is unrefined and pure. If you don’t have oilve oil, you can also use unrefined sunflower oil, sesame oil or organic coconut oil.


Oil pulling has amazing effects and results not only for the teeth and the oral cavity, but also for the entire body. The secret is that it will cleanse the salivary glands and, consequently, it will also cleanse the organism as a whole. However, oil pulling comes with numerous other properties and benefits as you can see below:

• It improves the oral health
• Detoxifies the body
• Treats the digestive problems, heart diseases, kidney conditions and diabetes
• Treats the mouth diseases
• Treats insomnia
• Kills the viruses, the fungi and the bacteria
• It has the ability to prevent or treat cancer, AIDS, leukemia and heart diseases
• It strengthens and whitens the teeth
• It eases the chronic pains
• Treats cavities and strengthens the gums
• Treats the halitosis, the asthma and the allergies
• Removes the plaque
• Boosts the energy levels
• Balances and strengthens the immunity system

So, as you can see, oil pulling comes with an impressive array of benefits and taking into consideration that it’s extremely affordable and simple, you should definitely give it a try.

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  1. Sorry. ‘detox’ don’t work.

  2. Just started doing this but I am not consistent.

  3. I beg you different. Detox does work if you stick to it and cut out all dairy, sugar, meat, and all processed food.

  4. Yeah not oil pulling. That’s like drinking water daily and saying it’ll cure you of the common cold.

  5. yes we can deep fry some pickles.. lol

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