Nose Bleeding – Causes and Home Remedies

If you have a bleeding nose, there is nothing to worry about. However, this condition can be quite shocking and can panic the people around you. There are numerous causes for nosebleeds, including typhoid, excessive rubbing and sneezing, malaria, dry winter air, scarlet fever, injuries, sinusitis, allergies and other infections and respiratory problems. The nose has numerous tiny blood vessels that can rupture and swell and, in this case, they can cause the nosebleed. You don’t have to be scared if this happens to you, because you can manage it quite easy if you use one of the following remedies:

Nose Bleeding – Causes and Home Remedies


If you want to control a nosebleed, you must use ice. This will reduce the inflammation and constrict the blood vessels and thus, stop the bleeding. Use a cold compress with crushed ice put in a plastic bag and covered with a towel. Hold it on your nose till the bleeding stops, but no longer than 15 minutes.

Petroleum Jelly

The nose bleeding can also be caused by a dry nose because the sensitive tissues get irritated. Combat the dryness with petroleum jelly and, at the same time, you can prevent the bleeding. Use a cotton ball to apply the petroleum jelly. This remedy can also be used for the nosebleeds caused by cold, sinusitis or high altitudes.

Vitamin E

This remedy is efficient for the nose bleeds that occur during the dry winters. Use vitamin E oil to apply on your nasal membranes to moisturize them. You can buy capsules with vitamin E from the drug stores and you can break them in order to extract the oil. Repeat this remedy before bedtime to avoid the nosebleeds.


Nose bleeding can also be stopped with the use of vinegar. Utilize white vinegar and soak a cotton ball in it and after that insert it in the affected nostril. The vinegar is extremely acidic and will constrict the tiny blood vessels. As a result, the bleeding will stop immediately.

Drink Water

The nosebleeds can also occur if you have a dehydrated body. Your health depends on the amount of water you drink every day, so make sure you consume more than 8 glasses of this liquid daily. During the dry summers and winters, it is a great idea to drink large amounts of water so as to keep your tissues, including our nostrils, hydrated. This will prevent the nosebleeds.

Vitamin K and Vitamin C

In order to increase the collagen production, you will need to consume vitamin C. This will also prevent a dry nose, by forming a moist lining. Thanks to this vitamin, the blood vessels will function normally and will be stronger, making it more difficult to break. Consume lemons, oranges and other foods that contain vitamin C in order to prevent the nosebleeds. Vitamin K is also extremely important in stopping a nosebleed because it stimulates the blood clotting.

These are only some of the most affordable and easy to use home remedies for nosebleeds. You can also make use of a saline spray and steam therapy.

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