You Should Never Try These Hangover Remedies

Hangovers are uncomfortable, and you can have some bad experiences when you wake up after you had been drinking the whole night. So if you’re looking for remedies that will make you feel better, make sure you don’t try these, because they can worsen your condition.


  • Tylenol

If you’re thinking that taking Tylenol before you go to sleep won’t cause you headaches in the morning, you’re wrong. Tylenol contains acetaminophens and if you mix them with alcohol, you can cause serious problems. Drinking alcohol triggers the production of certain enzymes that remain in your organism even though you’re feeling better. The mixture of acetaminophens with these enzymes can have negative effects on your health. It’s recommended to use Aspirin.

  • Workout

Exercising while you have a hangover is considered to have efficient results. Why? Most of the alcoholic drinks contain congeners and ethanol. These are chemicals that can raise the level of toxins from your body and some think that they can be eliminated through sweat. However, this is not entirely true, since these chemicals don’t stay in your system for too long, so sweat can’t bring them out.

  • Staying in bed

Staying in bed and relaxing is not that useful. It’s more indicated to sleep. Research results have revealed the fact that people who have drunk a great amount of alcohol go to bed approximately 2 hours later than the persons who are sober. Try to sleep the additional 2 hours instead of just staying in bed. After you wake up, try to do a physical activity, and you will feel better.

  • Drinking coffee

People think that coffee is the perfect beverage for a hangover, especially if they have to go to work. One of the effects of a hangover is the inability to function normally. Coffee can make you be more focused, but it also has diuretic properties. It’s indicated to drink a large amount of water (if you have a hangover, you are also dehydrated) before you drink your coffee. Additionally, you have to eat before you drink this beverage. Otherwise, you will irritate the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Eating before going to sleep

It’s not efficient to eat after you’ve been drinking for a few hours because it won’t absorb the alcohol. It’s recommended to eat after you’ve had 3 drinks. This way, the alcohol will be released into the blood stream in a slowly way.

  • Greasy breakfast

Having a substantial breakfast is not the solution for a hangover. The fatty products will affect the already upset gastrointestinal tract. But you can consume something like fresh juice or eggs.

  • Drink alcohol

Drinking alcohol the next morning may ease your pain for a while, but it will make you feel worse later. Besides, drinking water is essential after you’ve been drinking.

The best treatment is to prevent a hangover. Try to drink an alcoholic beverage per hour but also opt for a non-alcoholic drink in order to hydrate your body.

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