Nettle Syrup for Anemia, Fatigue and Allergies (Recipe)

Those who suffer from anemia are most of the time complaining that they get tired extremely quickly without any significant physical effort. This is, usually, a symptom that appears following the iron deficiency. Nettle can directly ease the state of exhaustion by increasing the blood’s capacity to absorb iron. Moreover, nettle purifies the blood and, thanks to its antihistaminic properties, it significantly reduces the allergies’ symptoms.

Nettle Syrup for Anemia, Fatigue and Allergies (Recipe)

According to the researchers from the Bastyr University in Washington, nettle is a plant rich in nutrients, iron, potassium, silicon, vitamin A, B-complex vitamins and vitamin K. Thanks to the vitamin C content that helps with the iron absorption, nettle is a great tonic when it comes to treating anemia, weak immunity and weakness and fatigue states. All these symptoms are associated with iron deficiency. Iron is extremely important for the formation of hemoglobin, a protein that transports the oxygen to every body cell.

Nettle Syrup for Anemia – Recipe

These ingredients are enough for 3 liters of nettle juice.


– 30 – 40 nettle tips (or 150 g dried nettle)

– 5 – 6 lemons or oranges

– 3 liters of cold water

– 1 kg brown sugar or 200 g honey


Use almost 30 – 40 young nettle tips. The tips are referring to the upper side of the plant that has 3 – 4 leaves underneath. Wash the nettle and the citrus fruits with apple cider vinegar to remove the pesticides. Chop the plants and the fruit and put them in a pot with water. Cover with a lid and let them soak for 24 hours.

The next morning, mix the solution and strain it. Add the sugar or honey and stir from time to time until it melts. The sugar will usually melt within 24 hours. After that, you can pour the syrup in clean bottles and keep them in the fridge. If you use honey, you will no longer have to mix the syrup.

If you want to harvest the nettle leaves by yourself, make sure the plants are as far away as possible from highways and streets, where they can be extremely polluted.

If you can’t harvest the plants, you can use the dry nettle (150 g). You will find it at the healthy food stores.


Dilute ½ glass of the syrup (100 ml) with ¼ glass of water and you will obtain a juice. This is the daily recommended quantity that you will have to take until you finish the mixture in the bottles.

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