Natural Oils for a Dry Nose

There is no serious reason to worry if you have a dry nose, but this condition can come with health risks and discomfort if it’s not treated properly. It can cause nagging headaches and sinus attacks. A dry nose can be caused by dehydration, air conditioning or it can be a side effect of pills, resulting in nose bleeding, irritation, wheezing, swelling and itching. If it’s not treated, it can cause severe problems such as trouble in breathing and vision problems. You can immediately get rid of this problem by following some of the home remedies presented below.

Natural Oils for a Dry Nose

Almond Oil

Your dry nose can be mollified with almond oil. You can apply it alone or in combination with aloe vera gel. Insert it in your nostrils with a cotton ball or a Q-tip. The remedy will restore the humidity in your nose and will ease the pain.

Coconut Oil

Another effective oil that will help you with this condition is the coconut oil. Apply it in your nostrils and you will alleviate the pain immediately. The coconut oil will fill the gaps found between the cells. Apply only a few drops per day until you will notice the improvement.

Sesame Oil

A dry nose will most of the times be accompanied by pain and itching. In order to reduce these symptoms, you can make use of sesame oil. You can even infuse it with chamomile essential oil in order to reduce the itching and the nasal irritation.


By inhaling steam, you can also treat a dry nose. Boil a bowl of water and then lean your head over the bowl to inhale the steams. After that, you can apply a lubricant or a moisturizer that will soothe the nose. Repeat the remedy at regular intervals for as many times as necessary so as to treat the condition.


Saline can be prepared at home by using common salt. Mix salt with water and put it in a spray bottle. This is a powerful emollient that offers relief from congestion and dry nose. You can also find numerous saline solutions and gels at the pharmacies and the healthy food stores and you can effectively use them for your condition.

Petroleum Jelly

Numerous skin conditions can be treated with petroleum jelly. You can also use this product when you have a dry nose. Apply the petroleum jelly with a Q-tip several times per day and repeat the remedy until the condition is cured.

Sauna Bath

These types of baths are extremely healthy and beneficial. They will not treat only the sore muscles, but also the dry nose. If you can’t afford a sauna bath, you can prepare a hot bath and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Soak in the bath for about 15 minutes and inhale the steam and you will immediately get rid of the dry nose.

Drink Water and Fluids

You have to keep your organism hydrated in order to prevent the body tissues from getting dry. The nasal tissues will also need plenty of water in order to work efficiently. Drink 8 glasses of water daily to prevent a dry nose and to moisturize your body from the inside.

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