Natural Lotion and Gel Recipes for Bug Bites and Allergies

Going outdoors and spending time in the open air is something that we deserve from time to time. Going to a picnic or hiking is relaxing and it will help you take your mind from the daily problems and stress. However, this type of activity does come with some risks, the most common being the risk of being bitten by bugs. Itching, hives and allergies are other conditions that can occur when staying outdoors. All these problems can be solved and cured with simple home remedies that you can prepare in your own home. Read the recipes below to find out what you must do.

Natural Lotion and Gel Recipes for Bug Bites and Allergies

Repellent for the Insects

To begin with, you must avoid getting bitten and in order to do so, you need a strong repellent. You can either buy it from the pharmacy, but we do not guarantee the effect, or you can prepare it at home and you will definitely be safe from bites. The following repellent is extremely beneficial against mosquitoes in particular.


  • Eucalyptus essential oil – 20 drops
  • Citronells essential oil – 20 drops
  • Lemongrass essential oil – 20 drops
  • Lemon essential oil – 20 drops
  • Carrier oil (massage oil or olive oil) – 2 tablespoons

Preparation: use a small pitcher to mix all these ingredients inside. At the end, add the carrier oil. Once the mixture is ready, you can put it inside a spray bottle and use it when going outdoors. A word of caution: don’t use it on infants or small children.

Insect Bites Gel

If you have already been bitten, it means that you have to do something to treat and soothe the bite. We recommend you this gel that is easy to use and affordable.


  • A combination of 2 or three of these essential oils: eucalyptus, lavender, cedarwood, chamomile or tea tree – 20 drops
  • Calendula or chamomile cream or aloe vera gel – 2 tablespoons

Preparation: use a small bowl to mix the cream or gel with the essential oils. Once the paste is ready, you can apply it on the affected areas several times per day. Store it in a clean jar and a cool place.

Itch Soother

Hives, allergies and bug bites also provoke itching that is extremely annoying and must be treated as soon as possible. You can use this homemade solution to provide relief for the itching.


  • Cold water
  • Tea tree, chamomile, rose or lavender essential oil – 1 drop

Preparation: put the cold water into a bowl and then pour the essential oil. Mix it, then moisten a clean cloth in this solution, remove the excess water and apply it on the affected area. Leave it on for almost 1 hour and repeat if necessary.

Soothing Lotion for Poison Ivy

Poison ivy can be easily cured with the help of the following home remedy. Just follow the instructions and you will speed up the healing process for this condition.


  • Peppermint essential oil – 12 drops
  • Salt – ½ teaspoon
  • Lavender essential oil – 12 drops
  • Water – ½ cup
  • Bentonite clay

Preparation: first, mix the salt with the water and then add the bentonite clay. This will help you obtain a creamy solution. At the end, add the peppermint and the lavender essential oils. Use the lotion to apply on the affected area several times per day until you notice improvement.

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