Mustard – The Hidden Cure in Your Kitchen

Mustard is a cruciferous vegetable similar to cabbage and broccoli. It can be found mostly in Europe, but it has also been cultivated in Asia and North Africa. The ancient Romans and Greeks have used mustard as a regular spice, but they have also discovered that this plant has a therapeutic nature. The mustard plant has various nutritional facts that one should take into consideration. For example, the mustard greens, meaning the leaves of the plant, are rich in phosphorus, calcium and potassium and the seeds of mustard contain potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. At the same time, the mustard greens are a source of dietary fiber and they contain small amounts of vitamin C, folate, vitamin K and vitamin A. The health benefits of mustard are listed below.

Mustard – The Hidden Cure in Your Kitchen

Poison Repulsion

The emetic qualities of the mustard seeds can help your body resist against poison. If you have consumed too much alcohol and narcotics, you can cleanse your body by preparing and consuming a mustard seeds decoction. It will immediately clean your organism and make you feel better.


This autoimmune disorder can be treated with mustard seeds. Various studies have shown that this plant is effective in treating the lesions caused by Psoriasis and curing the inflammation. At the same time, by using the mustard seeds, you are going to stimulate the activity of the good enzymes that will speed up the healing process of the Psoriasis disease.


Mustard seeds also have anti-bacterial qualities that can cure the various lesions associated with ringworm. You can prepare a paste from water and mustard seeds and apply it directly on the affected skin. Leave it on for a few minutes and afterwards use warm water to rinse it off. This remedy will sooth the symptoms caused by ringworms.


Use mustard seeds to prepare a plaster or a poultice and cure spasms and pains. The rubefacient properties of the mustard will reveal its analgesic effects and will offer relief from muscular aches, rheumatism or the limbs paralysis. Make sure not to apply the mustard plaster on the naked skin because it can lead to sore blistering due to its warmer effects. So, you should first put a linen sheet on the affected skin and after that apply the mustard plaster. This will save you from additional skin problems.

Hair and Skin

Even though it may be hard to believe this, mustard is also an excellent beauty aid. For example, if you want to stimulate the hair growth, you can do so by preparing a solution with mustard oil and henna leaves. Boil them together and cleanse you hair with this mixture. Acne can also be cured with the help of mustard. So, you should roast some mustard seeds in coconut oil or sesame oil and once they’re cool, you can apply the mixture on the affected areas.


The diabetics can take advantage of the mustard leaf benefits. This plant promotes the anti-oxidation activities that can fight against the oxygen free molecules and combat the oxidative stress that is a common problem among the diabetics. The mustard oil also stimulates the glucose metabolism and promotes the conversion of sugar into energy.

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