Mouthwash and Vicks for Chigger Bites

The chiggers are the tiny insects that are part of the spider family and just like the mites, they are parasites sucking the blood of humans and animals. They are red and you can mostly find them in long grasses, weed patches and woody areas. So, where there is thick vegetation, there will also be a chigger. The areas that are most targeted on humans are the waist, the knees or the area behind them, ankles, groin and armpits. The chigger bite usually causes irritation and itching, but it can be immediately treated with the help of natural home remedies.

Mouthwash and Vicks for Chigger Bites

Baking Soda to the Rescue

Everyone should have baking soda in their kitchens as it is an extremely versatile and useful ingredient. In fact, when it comes to chigger bites, it is one of the best remedies. Mix baking soda with water until you get a thick paste. Apply the solution on your bites and let it cure for a few minutes. Rinse off and then you can repeat the process several times per day until you notice any improvement.


This is a weird remedy, but it actually works. It seems that the mouthwash is not only useful for cleansing your mouth, but also for offering relief from itchiness and inflammation. Use warm water and soap to wash the affected area and then use a cotton ball soaked in mouthwash to apply over the bites. Repeat the process several times per day.

Vicks and Salt

Vicks is another ingredient that is used differently in this case. Its main benefit is that it reduces the inflammation and the itching. Mix it with salt, another anti-inflammatory ingredient, and apply it on the affected areas. Let it cure over the night and in the morning, you will notice that the itchiness, swelling and rashes have been reduced.

Castor Oil

The special properties and compounds in the castor oil are effective at reducing the irritation and the inflammation and at curing the itchiness. Use a cotton ball to soak in pure castor oil and apply it over the chigger bites. Leave it on for a few minutes, then wash off. Repeat this treatment until you see the bites disappear.

Ice Packs

The most annoying aspect about the chigger bites is the itching that seems to never disappear. The ice packs can be extremely effective in this situation. Use a special ice bag or a clean cloth to put the ice cubes and then cover it in a plastic wrap. You can now apply the ice pack on the affected area. Don’t leave it on more than 15 minutes, as it can seriously affect your skin. With this remedy, the itching sensation will disappear instantly. Apply the packs 2 or 3 times per day to get relief from the chigger bites.

A Hot Bath

The first thing that you must do after you have been bitten by a chigger is to take a hot bath. Wash your body with a mild soap that does not have too much perfume or too many chemicals. This will heavily reduce the symptoms, including the onset of blisters, bumps, itchiness and red rash.

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