Medicinal Cider Recipe – An Extraordinary Elixir

Cider is without a doubt a valuable product that must not miss from any house. It is actually a type of wine obtained from fruits through natural fermentation. Usually, cider is prepared from sweet apples, redcurrants or blackcurrants, cherry, figs, seabuckthorn, rosehip, elderflowers or other fruits.

Medicinal Cider Recipe – An Extraordinary Elixir

Medicinal Cider – Recipe

The medicinal cider is an extraordinary elixir, it’s extremely beneficial for your health and it’s very simple to prepare as you will see below.


– 3 kg of rise fruits

– 3 kg of honey

– 1 kg of lemons

– 2 teaspoons of beer yeast

– 10 liters of lukewarm water


Take a very large glass jar (around 15 kilos) and put the fruits that you have previously mashed in the mincing machine, the honey, the peeled and chopped lemons and the beer yeast. Let this entire mixture soak for about 3 weeks at room temperature.

Don’t fill the jar, as throughout fermentation the mixture will bulk and can get out of the jar. So, leave about 20% of the jar’s volume empty so as to avoid any accidents.

Once the fermentation has stopped, you can put the cider in dark glass bottles and let it decant for about 5 days. The bottles have to be tightly closed and you must keep them in a cold place away from light and heat. Once this period has passed, you must pour only the clear liquid in similar dark glass bottles and keep them in the same conditions.

You can drink almost 2 glasses of cider per day. Be careful, because cider is only recommended for adults, so keep it away from the reach of children and don’t let them drink it. Depending on what fruits you’ve used, you can also add different flavors such as cinnamon, cloves, rum, rosemary, orange etc.

Cider is an extraordinary medicinal drink and it’s a great way to enhance or replenish your reserve of nutrients. Fermented fruits are extremely beneficial for your health. So, it doesn’t matter what kind of fruits you use, you can be sure that cider will be filled with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other substances that are guaranteed to protect the organism from cancer, heart diseases and variour other ailments and infections. The great thing about cider is that is going to instantly wipe away the free radicals that can destroy the body’s healthy cells. It will also help you eliminate all the toxins, thus helping you have a clean and healthy body.

If you’re not sure about what type of cider to prepare, we can tell you that the apple cider is the most popular out there.

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