Manuka Honey Is the Best Antibiotic You Can Find on the Market

You already know all the incredible benefits of raw, unprocessed honey. What you do not know is that in Australia, scientists have made a groundbreaking discovery: a particular type of honey can kill almost any kind of bacteria, even the worst ones.

manuka honey benefits

The report was published in the European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, and it could change everything in a world where antibiotics have no effect, especially on the super resistant bacteria and viruses.

Manuka honey, also known as jelly bush honey, is produced in New Zealand, and it has become so popular that shortages have been reported. This has lead to the entry of fake products on the market. Manuka producers have sought trademark protection, similar to Scottish whiskey or French champagne.

Manuka honey is better than antibiotics

Manuka honey is made from the nectar of manuka bush (Leptospermum Scoparium) and tea trees, that are native only to New Zealand and Australia. This honey was able to kill any pathogen or bacteria it was tested on, and it can be taken internally or applied topically to insect bites, cuts or other skin infections. Another important discovery is the fact that the superbugs killed by Manuka honey were not able to build up immunity, as it frequently happens in the case of antibiotics. This type of honey contains methylglyoxal, a compound which combines with other compounds that have not been discovered, creating a multi-system failure which destroys all the bacteria.

According to Dr. Dee Carter, professor at the University of Sydney, many pharmaceutical companies have started to abandon antibiotic production as the bacteria they attack becomes resistant. Instead, they turned their attention towards practical alternatives that could save lives.

Where you can find Manuka honey

Manuka honey is available online and in health food stores, but the supply levels have been fluctuating over the past years, so be aware of fake honey. It would be better to look for UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) certified Manuka honey. The brand Comvita Manuka Honey is also available on Amazon.

One customer said that this type of honey helped her and her husband fight MRSA infection (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). She applied the honey on the area that was infected and covered it with bandaid. In a matter of days, the infection was gone.

Although further research is needed, it is proved that Manuka honey has promising results in defeating the most complicated health challenges that humanity has to deal with in the 21st century. This study proves once again that nature gives us all we need to have a healthy and happy life, and that medication is not the answer to all conditions that we have to fight with. Although Manuka honey can be found in New Zealand and Australia, the power of natural honey is indisputable. Include raw honey into your daily diet, eliminate sugar, and you will see its amazing results in a matter of days.

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  1. Lorraine Fox I’ve found it at the Natural Grocers aka Vitamin Cottage if they don’t have it on the shelf then you can order it. … I’ve also found it online. It is very pricey but worth the cost.

  2. where can we find it in Cape Town..?????

  3. Medical grade Manuka honey is great for dressing wounds and yes, apart from penicillin based antibiotics is one of the most effective. However when you eat it, it is just like any other honey so you are paying for the name.

  4. Where can we find in in South Africa

  5. But can one find the real and pure Manuka honey!

  6. Which manuka honey is good for cuts because my mum put it on a cut on her leg and it became infected

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